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Buckle up, because we're about to celebrate last quarter’s Top Xplorer Award winners–three dedicated team members who work tirelessly to bring high-speed internet straight to your doorstep. Let's recognize their efforts and dive into the stories of how they're paving the way for faster, better internet for all.

From the Front Lines to Leadership: Stuart's 15-Year Journey with Xplore

Xplore Staff Member Stuart

Meet Stuart Somers, an invaluable member of the Xplore family who's about to celebrate a significant milestone of 15 years with us! He began his journey as a customer service representative and, through dedication and a love for teamwork, climbed the ranks to manage a stellar team of inside sales agents.

Championing Customer Connections

At the heart of Stuart's daily missions is his commitment to our customers. Leading the team that's on the front lines, Stuart ensures that every query is met with the right answers, helping customers navigate their needs seamlessly. In fact, Stuart was nominated by his supervisor, Chris, because he singlehandedly built a dashboard to monitor new customer Internet installations, resulting in quicker installations for our customers who are eager to get connected. In Chris’s words: “Despite Stuart’s demanding schedule, he prioritized the creation of this instrumental dashboard, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing visibility and driving superior results.”

The Secret Ingredient: Team Spirit

Stuart's team is at the forefront of responding to customers' queries online. They're the first voices heard and the initial helpers in making sure our customers get exactly what they need.

The thing that makes Stuart's morning coffee taste better is working closely with his team. "I love having a team, working with the agents and helping them achieve their goals," Stuart says. This team spirit isn't just about hitting numbers; it's about ensuring that every customer feels understood and well-served, that their needs are not just met but anticipated. Stuart adds, "Asking the right questions right out the gate lets us right size their needs and make sure they are happy going forward."

More Than a Job: A Family Affair

Ask Stuart what sets Xplore apart, and he'll tell you it's the sense of kinship. "I feel more like this is a family than any other job I worked in the past," he reveals. This familial bond isn't restricted to the workplace. It's a value that resonates throughout Stuart's life, reflecting in his fond memories of growing up in Miramichi, New Brunswick, and now living just outside Fredericton in Oromocto.

Stuart recalls the tight-knit community vibes of his childhood, where everyone knew each other and shared genuine connections – a feeling he finds mirrored in the culture at Xplore. Though now living in a more suburban setting in Oromocto, that sense of close communal living remains a cherished part of his rural upbringing.

A Pandemic Hobby Turned Passion: Sports Memorabilia

Away from the buzz of work, Stuart is an avid collector of autographed sports memorabilia, a hobby that flourished during the pandemic. "It’s something I got into during COVID and have really enjoyed over the last couple of years," he shares excitedly. The pursuit has connected Stuart to a broad community of fellow collectors, underlining the joy of shared passions and the fun of a good find.

Heart of the Home: Family First

Balancing his professional dedication, Stuart is all heart when it comes to family. With the exciting news of becoming a grandfather on the horizon, his personal life is gearing up for another joyous role, marking a special milestone in his family journey.

The Drive to Make a Difference in Rural Communities with Better Internet

What gets Stuart out of bed in the morning? "My agents," he says without skipping a beat. Supporting his team, addressing their queries, and keeping them motivated is the highlight of his day. Reflecting on his proudest career moment, Stuart proudly mentions his promotion to team manager—a step he saw as a significant progression from his initial role and a realization of a goal set during his very first interview.

Meet Wendy Lister: Bringing Her Heart to Customer Service at Xplore

Xplore Staff Member Wendy

Wendy's day-to-day at Xplore is a whirlwind of answering calls, tackling billing questions, and offering support. But to her, it's about making it "as seamless as possible," she says, her voice ringing with a mix of pride and determination. To Wendy, every call is a chance to make someone's day a little easier and a lot brighter.

The Journey to Xplore

Life has a funny way of leading us right where we belong. For Wendy, the path to Xplore started with a move to care for aging family and a timely application on Indeed. Working from Brockville, Ontario, she's brought her warmth and expertise to our Fredericton office from the comfort of her home. It's a perfect fit, especially when life throws you a curveball.

What Sets Xplore Apart from Other Internet Providers?

Ask Wendy what makes Xplore different, and she will echo Stuart’s words - we're more than a company; we're a family. "We treat our customers like they're family," Wendy explains, and it's this personal touch that elevates the Xplore experience above the rest. For Wendy, the flexibility of working from home is the cherry on top, allowing her to balance professional dedication with family care.

Life in Brockville and Beyond

Born and raised in Brampton, Ontario and then moving to Brockville, Wendy's life is a rich tapestry of experiences. When she's not on the front lines of customer service, she's basking in the joy of family life, from playdates with her grandson to quiet evenings catching up on "Law and Order Special Victims Unit."

The Drive Behind the Dedication

What gets Wendy out of bed each morning? A genuine desire to help. "The ability to help customers to the best of my ability," she reflects. It's this passion that fueled her proudest moment – achieving Silver on her scorecard, a testament to her commitment to deliver outstanding customer service.

Praise Where Praise Is Due

Wendy's hard work hasn't gone unnoticed. From facing obstacles head-on to achieving silver status, her journey is a beacon of dedication. Colleagues and customers alike sing her praises. "Wendy was very polite, helpful, and did really go above and beyond," shares Jennifer, a satisfied customer. It's clear Wendy is more than just an employee; she's an integral part of the Xplore family, touching hearts and making a difference, one call at a time.

Meet Gretchen Poulin: Xplore’s Change Management Maverick

Xplore Staff Member Grechin Poulin

For twelve years, Gretchen has been at the heart of Xplore, bringing dedication to different roles like IP Operations and Network Design. Now, as the head of our change management program, Gretchen guides teams behind the scenes, driving the big and small changes that keep our network - and your life - humming along sweetly.

Captain of Change

The network operations team handles many network changes each quarter, tweaking and upgrading things here and there with one goal in mind: ensuring you, our customers living in rural Canada, stay connected and satisfied. Whether its satellite tweaks, fine-tuning our Wireless Home Internet, or adding capacity to the fibre network, Gretchen and team make sure everything is planned carefully with the least amount of risk possible.

On Board with Xplore

When asked what brought her to Xplore, Gretchen chuckled, referring back to a friend who was already clocking in at Xplore. His glowing review of Xplore’s culture convinced her that it was time for a new adventure. And you know what? It’s been one exciting ride.

The People Make the Place

For Gretchen, the best part about being at Xplore isn't just the intricate tech stuff (though she's plenty keen on that) - it's the people. Elaborating on what she loves most about her work, she said, "It’s the satisfaction I get from my relationships with my colleagues. They are really, really smart, their expertise is incredible, and they are positive, so the day is quite enjoyable."

Streamlining Success

Gretchen aimed to make Xplore the internet service of choice for rural Canada by simplifying processes, and its working! The easier the workflow for the network team the more time they have to keep an eye on our network, making sure you're getting the best service possible.

Her colleague Dina (a previous Top Xplorer) said that Gretchen has a "let's streamline and make things better for everyone" attitude. She gave one example of a process Gretchen created that contributed to more than 60 hours of time saved each month. “Through innovation, Gretchen has made our internal and external customers' lives better,” Dina said.

Rural at Heart

Growing up in Hainesville, New Brunswick, Gretchen’s got rural roots that run deep and true. Though she now resides in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, with her husband, 6 year old son and 14 year old daughter she’s got that small-town charm in spades. Living only a hop and skip away from Halifax, she treasures the rural vibes of her home - getting to experience both the vibrant city pulse and the serene, open spaces.

Life Beyond the Network

Outside of work, Gretchen loves four-wheeling, puzzles, reading and watching her kids play hockey and volleyball. She appreciates the need for customers to have a stable and fast internet connection as she frequently plays Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox with her family.

A New Day Ahead

What's the rooster that wakes Gretchen up each morning? It’s the excitement of a brand-new day where anything can happen. Irresistible for a change manager, isn’t it?

A Pinnacle Moment

Asked to reveal her proudest career moment, Gretchen had to admit that her Top Xplorer award was a big deal. She shared, "For me, it’s nice because I get to show my family that when you do something you love as your career choice it doesn’t feel like work. I’m really proud to work for a company that cares about employees and offers awards like this."

The Xplorer Family

In an era where the personal touch often gets lost in the digital shuffle, Stuart, Wendy and Gretchen stand as a reminder of what makes Xplore truly special. It's not just about faster internet; it's about people, connections, and the belief that no matter where you are, you're part of a bigger family. And with people like these on our team, it's no wonder rural Canadians trust Xplore to keep them connected, cared for, and heard.

We’re happy to report that we’re looking for new members to join our team! Visit our careers page today to see what roles are available.