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BIG SPEED without the big price tag!

Xplore is using the most advanced wireless network technologies to bring 100 Mbps Internet speeds to rural Canadian homes, at great prices.

How do we bring you ultra-fast 100 Mbps Internet speeds?

We are able to deliver 100 Mbps Internet speeds by upgrading our network of towers to the latest technology.

5G Home Internet is powered by the fifth generation of wireless communications technology. It enables faster speeds, more responsive Internet and a better overall online experience. This is the most advanced wireless Internet technology at the moment.

is an evolution of the fourth generation of wireless (LTE). It allows for high capacities and up to 3 times higher maximum speeds than LTE. It does this by using multiple antennas simultaneously in your receiver and combining signals from multiple towers.

What can you do with ultra-fast 100 Mbps speeds?

More devices connected at the same time

Crystal clear video calls with your family, friends and colleagues

Stream your shows and movies in up to 4K definition with little to no buffering

Lightning-fast download speeds for large photos, files, movies and games

Why choose ultra-fast Wireless Home Internet from Xplore?

Truly Unlimited Data

With Xplore ultra-fast 100 Mbps Wireless Home Internet, you will enjoy the same truly unlimited data that Xplore offers with all wireless home Internet plans. Except everything will be much faster!

Video Streaming

Unlike some providers, Xplore does not constrain your video viewing experience to only 3 Mbps. We recognize the importance of high quality streaming, so Xplore Internet allows you to stream your favourite shows in HD and enjoy smooth video chats.

Professional Installation and Truly Local Support

Xplore is committed to stand with you and your community, wherever you are. Our local professional technicians will install the equipment and our 24/7, Canadian-based technical support staff will be ready to answer any of your questions.

Wi-Fi Router & Whole Home Wi-Fi unit included

Our latest and greatest Wi-Fi Router and one Whole Home Wi-Fi unit are included with the 100 Mbps Wireless Home Internet plans, so you can get a strong, secure connection throughout your entire home.

Customer Testimonials

We don’t subscribe to any cable or sat anymore so we rely a lot on the Internet for streaming services...It’s no issue to have 2 Netflix accounts and a PlayStation going at the same time.

Joel Skeldon Xplore 5G, Jemseg, NB

Find out if you can get 100 Mbps Wireless Internet at your home!

Enter your address and we'll check to determine whether 100 Mbps Internet service is available in your area. Check back often, we are constantly expanding our 100 Mbps Wireless Home Internet Network.