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Why buy a home phone service?

A home phone offers convenience for the whole family and offers a reliable way for people to reach you. It offers younger children, without mobile phones, a way to stay safe and connected. Save yourself from wandering your home looking for cell phone reception while enjoying the security, features, and enhanced quality of a home phone powered by your Internet connection.

Available to all Xplore customers.
$ 21.99 /month

Enjoy better performance

Our home phone service provides high definition sound quality and better reception inside your home. Connect your home phone to your wireless router and enjoy great reception throughout your entire home.

Feel secure

In the event of an emergency, 911 calls made on a cellphone can be more difficult to locate your address with GPS. With our home phone service, emergency services will know exactly where your home is and can send help where it's needed*.

Save money

The cost of home phone is significantly cheaper than most cellular plans and can save you money compared to a traditional landline. Our home phone service also offers unlimited province-wide voice calling and much lower International calling rates. It boasts all the features you could ever need without the additional expense.

Person holding a home phone

Want to keep your current phone number? We have you covered.

Your phone number is the most reliable way of getting in touch with you and we respect that. Transfer your phone services without the burden of having to update your contact information to whoever may need to reach you. Many existing phone numbers can be used with Home Phone, so switching is easier than ever.

Woman using a home phone sitting in front of laptop

Save on international and long-distance rates.

Home Phone offers unlimited province-wide calling at no extra cost. Unlimited North American calling packages are also available for only $24.99/month!

Full list of features

It's time for a more convenient phone for the whole family, for less money. Choose a home phone powered by Xplore Internet and choose the future of telecommunications and all the features it brings.

Unlimited Province-Wide Calling

Talk as much as you’d like to friends and family across the province. No limits!

No Term Required

No term commitment on your side. With Home Phone, you can cancel anytime.

Voicemail and Voice-to-Email

Let missed callers leave you a message or have their recording sent to your email as an audio file!

Call Display and Caller ID Block

Know who or where a person is calling from before you answer or hide your number when making a call.

Call Waiting and Three-way Calling

Answer an incoming call while temporarily suspending a current phone call. Perform a conference call with two other callers.

Call Forward and Return

Redirect your call to an alternative number or find out the number and redial the last phone call you received.

Do Not Disturb

Silence all incoming phone calls and redirect them right to your voicemail.

Universal Network Call Blocking

Reduce unwanted nuisance calls. Xplore will block calls with and illegitimate North American telephone numbers, and calls originating internationally with more than 15 digits. These telephone numbers are often related to illegitimate marketing, and typically originate from telemarketers not registered with the National Do Not Call List.

Call today to create your perfect home phone and Internet bundle.