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Why Choose Xtra Care?

Relax knowing our team of experts has you covered in the event of a system failure and you will not have to pay the standard fees that may apply for a service visit – these are covered in the plan.

Get Peace of Mind

Repairs are performed by an Xplore certified technician. We will fix the problem as soon as possible

Stay Protected

You are in safe hands if something were to go wrong and you have coverage for expenses associated with a service visits that may be required.

Enjoy Affordability

Get a full year of protection for less than the cost of a single service visit. It’s only $7.50/month*.

Mother with her to children using a tablet whilst sitting under a blanket fort

Stay Protected with Xtra Care

At Xplore, our products and services are developed with longevity and reliability in mind. However, issues can arise that require a service visit to your home. All of our services come with an initial warranty period to provide you with coverage for any service visits that may be needed. Extend your coverage for service visits with Xtra Care. With Xtra Care, all paperwork, labour, and professional repair will be taken care of allowing you to focus with comfort on connecting to what matters most.

Are you ready to get protected? Call today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Xplore Xtra Care.