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What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that a website asks your web browser to save. By saving a cookie with your browser, the website can remember your browser between visits. For example, with the cookie, a website can remember your previous language or location selections and repopulate these for you when you return to the website. The cookie can also remember your actions on the website.

How does Xplore use cookies?

We ask your browser to save a cookie when you interact with our website. We use cookies to allow our website to remember our customers’ preferences and to understand how our customers are using our website.

We also use cookies for advertising purposes. For example, when you are directed to our website by an Xplore ad on a third-party website, the cookie can tell us which ad directed you to us. This lets us understand the effectiveness of our advertising. A third-party website may also be able to provide us with demographic information to help us understand our advertising audience.

How can you manage cookies on your devices?

You have control over how your browser uses cookies. Through your browser or device settings, you can accept, refuse or delete cookies. If you choose to delete or refuse cookies, this may impact your experience on our website. For more information on how to manage your browser cookie settings, we recommend that you visit the webpage of your browser or device.