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Xplore 100% Pure Fibre is here

We believe Canadians in rural communities deserve better, faster Internet.

That’s why we are deploying a 100% pure fibre Internet network, offering lightning-fast speeds at affordable prices to rural and small-town communities across Canada.

Why Xplore Fibre?

Fibre is currently the fastest Internet technology in the world. It uses Fibre Optic cables to move data at the speed of light giving you consistently fast download and upload speeds.

Fibre Optic Internet Cable

Truly Fast, both ways

• Blazing-fast up to Gigabit download & upload speeds

• Superior video streaming at 4K resolution

• Smooth video calls and online gaming

• Download or upload files and videos almost instantly

• Connect all your devices at the same time

Family Enjoying Streaming TV with Fast Internet from Xplore

Truly Powerful 100% Pure Fibre

We bring fibre all the way to your home, so you still get the speed you need, even during peak usage times.

• Reliable and consistent connection

• The best quality at all weather conditions

• Future-proof technology

Friendly Xplore Technician in rural Canada installing fast internet

Truly local service

Your connection is installed and maintained from local technicians living in your community and your calls are answered by 100% Canadian based support.

Can I get Xplore Fibre?

Enter your address and we'll check to determine whether fibre service is available in your area. Check back often, as we are constantly building more fibre!