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In the vast landscapes of Northern Manitoba, where communities are scattered across remote regions, Xplore Internet is breathing new life into rural areas and bringing connectivity to places that were once isolated. The stories we share today shed light on the remarkable ways Xplore Authorized Dealer, TMC Satellite, is empowering Northern Manitobans by delivering Xplore Internet.

The dynamic husband-wife duo behind TMC Satellite, Steve and Lana, have been with us from the beginning and were involved with connecting people to the very first Internet service available from Xplore over 20 years ago.

They run their business directly from their rural home in Argyle, Manitoba. From there, they service the rural areas outside of Winnipeg, the Interlake, and Northern Manitoba.

“We love the rural area we live in, and we love making life better in rural areas,” Steve said.

Bridging Connectivity, Transforming Communities

The East Side Highway, the highway that goes up the remote east side of Winnipeg, was constructed to give northern communities direct driving access to necessities and an improved quality of life.

The highway project included seven new bridges and the companies that built them needed Internet to run. TMC Satellite supplied Xplore Internet to these businesses while construction was happening.

“Now materials can be driven up and down the highway. If a roof needs to be fixed, you can put that on a pickup truck and drive. Anytime there’s an actual driving route to a community there will be more access to everything, and the cost will go down,” Steve said.

By linking these businesses with reliable Internet service, TMC Satellite played a significant role in enhancing access to essential resources and services.

Opening Doors to Education

In remote indigenous communities, pursuing higher education has often been a challenge due to the lack of access to colleges and universities. However, with the help of Xplore Internet, numerous individuals in these communities are now able to learn remotely.

“There’s a lot of people especially in Indigenous communities, doing their college and exams remotely, so there are many cases where we fly up and connect people. Now there’s someone who can finish their degree who couldn’t have finished without it,” Steve explained.

Think about the impact this has on a person who, without reliable connectivity, may never have had the opportunities that a college degree can connect them to.

Remote Monitoring for Safer Water Management

Water treatment plants play a vital role in ensuring the well-being and health of communities but managing them in remote areas can be a challenge without Internet.

TMC Satellite helped connect several treatment plants so that they can be monitored remotely from Winnipeg. Connecting these facilities helps the government ensure that water quality remains safe and healthy.

More Internet Enhancements on the Way for Rural Manitoba

From enhancing business operations to empowering educational pursuits and revolutionizing infrastructure management, Xplore Internet is transforming lives and communities across Northern Manitoba. And there is much more to come.

“Once Xplore’s Next-Generation Satellite service is here, we can offer everybody a very competitive package including speeds up to 100 Mbps,” Steve said.

TMC Satellite’s commitment to providing high-quality customer service, even flying north to get residents and businesses connected, is contributing to breaking down barriers and bringing opportunities previously unavailable.

And, they are always there to provide the same friendly service to their neighbours.

“Small town rural like we’re in, people know their dealer because they see us at grocery store, in town or at the school play. We don’t install something and take off and leave, we are part of the community too.”

Steve and Lana run their business using their Xplore Internet connection including day-to-day administrative tasks, video meetings, and communicating with customers.

“If they call we can literally say, “Yes I have it on my own property so I know it will work”.

If you’re in Manitoba looking for reliable Internet you can be sure TMC Satellite will do everything in their power to help. Give them a call at 1-204-467-2014. To see what service is available where you live visit our Internet packages page.

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