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Every day, Xplore is working hard to bring faster, better Internet to rural Canadians, and we rely on our team of local dealers and technicians like Arthur and his team at Canada Connex to bring the friendly local service we’re known for. We sat down with their owner (who prefers to simply be called a member of the team), to take you behind the scenes.

Starting the Day with a Mission: A Glimpse into Arthur’s Routine

Arthur’s day starts early, planning out tasks with different team heads to ensure each day runs smoothly. Whether it's sending out helpful updates through daily emails, doing boots-on-the-ground marketing or even setting up at the local Metro grocery store to share the good news about Xplore’s new gigabit-speed fibre Internet service, Arthur and his team a finger on the pulse of the community.

Communities that Canada Connex Serves:


Lennox and Addington


Prince Edward County

Les Collines de l’Outaouais


La Vallee de la Gatineau



Leads and Grenville

Otter Lake

Stormont,Dundas and Glengarry


Prescott and Russell

Campbell’s Bay


Norway Bay




Fort Coulonge




Lady Smith





Mountain Grove







Carleton Place

White Lake


Barry’s Bay







All this is hard work, but passion fuels this team of 20 technicians and 8 admin sales staff, who serve their customers from their own homes scattered across our rural backyard.

From Humble Beginnings: The Story of Arthur’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Back in 2006, Arthur saw an opportunity to start his own business and create a genuine connection with the rural community he lived in. There was no mountain of franchise fees, just an invitation to be part of a like-minded team who lived, breathed, and understood the unique needs of local residents.

“I met the Barretts (Xplore’s founders) and saw how they encouraged entrepreneurship. It’s a family and a community-oriented company. We’re the ones who are going to take care of you in the field, we’re always going to be local and we’re here with 24-hour tech support if you need anything. People who work for Xplore live in rural areas so when you call into Xplore you can relate to the people. Every year this company evolves with new technology, and it always gets better all the time,” Arthur said with pride.

Community First: Canada Connex’s Commitment to Local Values

Growing up in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and now living in Ottawa, Arthur knows firsthand that rural living has its own flavour. The strength of community here is palpable; where everyone knows (or at least recognizes) their neighbour.

He and the team at Canada Connex strive to give back to the very community that supports them whether it be giving to charity or by shopping local. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, they helped deliver groceries to those who couldn't step out. They've sponsored school lunch programs, made food donations during the Santa Claus parade, and actively work with veterans in their regions.

“Right now, in Mansfield, Quebec we’re doing some events at the local grocery store. We’re talking about Xplore’s new gigabit speed fibre Internet service and doing draws for $300 gift cards for the local gas station. Brenda, the owner, has a little sandwich shop there too. It would be really easy to go to Walmart to buy things, but we make the effort to support local business in everything we do,” he said.

In their eyes, customers are more than just numbers on a sheet—they are real people with real needs. That's why they don't just send a package in the mail, but come down personally to provide installation and make sure everything works just well.

It's easy to claim to be the best—proving it is another matter. But Arthur isn't shy to make that claim, because he has witnessed the sweat, time, and relentless effort Xplore puts into delivering quality Service. The towers built from the ground up aren't just technological marvels—they're symbols of a commitment to truly serve Canadians living in rural areas.

Beyond Connectivity: How Xplore and Canada Connex Empower Rural Lives with Better Internet

So, why is reliable Internet so important? Arthur says it’s as essential as turning on the lights in the house. He told the story of one of his customers in Honey Harbour: By providing stable Internet, a Toronto-based surgeon was able to provide crucial guidance to his hospital from the comfort of his lakeside cabin.

At the end of the day, Xplore, backed by local dealers like Canada Connex, is dedicated to ensuring your Internet is always ON. Giving you the freedom to work, learn, bank online, play video games, stream your favourite show, or simply catch up with a loved one. We've got your back, right here in your neighbourhood. That's our promise.

So, are you ready to join us on this exciting journey toward better, faster, more reliable Internet? It's your turn to enjoy always-on, high-quality connectivity that anticipates and meets your everyday needs. Don't wait any longer! Take a step today towards experiencing the Xplore difference—after all, we're just right around the corner. Click here to get started and join the Xplore family!

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