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Changing rural Canadians’ lives, one connection at a time.

By providing quality Internet to underserved areas, we are empowering families to get the most out of life in rural Canada.

A fast and reliable Xplore Internet connection keeps you close to loved ones, enables you to work & innovate from home and enjoy the best of entertainment.

Xplore is also an active supporter of local community initiatives and charities.

Xplore Community Stories

Learn more about how Xplore’s network and our investment in local communities are changing lives for the better.

Man working on fibre-connected laptop on the deck of his rural Quebec cottage - which overlooks a beautiful lake.

This Silicon Valley Executive is Working from His Fibre-Connected Cottage in Rural Quebec

Warren Dumanski has lived and worked across North America, but he always returned to his cottage at Otter Lake in rural Quebec whenever he could.

“I love the beauty, solitude and peace we find here, and I never get tired of the view,” he said.

Rural Resident Andy Froneman - Xplore Wireless Home Internet User

How Xplore’s Fixed Wireless Home Internet is Changing One Rural Saskatchewanian’s Life

When Xplore called to Interview Andy Froneman, his TV was on in the background.

“Do you hear that? Thanks to Xplore we can stream TV now!,” he said.

Image of Chalets on Lake Muskoka - an area powered with fast Internet from Xplore

Working Remotely from a Lakeside Dock in Muskoka – made possible by Xplore

Located just 10 minutes outside of Gravenhurst, Ontario, right on the lake, The Chalets on Lake Muskoka offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, while still allowing guests to stay connected to what matters most.

With Xplore's internet connection, guests can work remotely right from the dock, soaking up the beauty of their surroundings while being productive.

Xplore Customer Reviews

We don’t subscribe to any cable or sat anymore so we rely a lot on the Internet for streaming services...It’s no issue to have 2 Netflix accounts and a PlayStation going at the same time.

Joel Skeldon Xplore 5G, Jemseg, NB

Xplore is working exceptionally well at my lake home.

Diane Fortier Xplore LTE, Southview Lake Isle, AB

I have not had ANY problems since signing on with them. What an improvement!

Kathy Banks Xplore LTE, Midland, Ontario

I have this Internet and it's great for me. It's cheap! And, it's fast!

Megan Beaulac Xplore LTE, Spiritwood, Saskatchewan

I will not switch from Xplore. I’m very happy with the reception and customer service, especially with the new towers.

Wilda Corcoran Xplore LTE, Osgood, Ontario

Happy since I upgraded! 5G 100 has given me zero issues working from home, and having my kid on her tablet or a movie streaming at the same time.

Kelly Bassett Xplore 5G, Cardwell, New Brunswick

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