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This month we’d like to introduce you to Kelly Copan of Horizon Satellite, who spends his days getting the people of British Columbia's interior connected to reliable high-speed Internet. And with the recent launch of Xplore’s next-gen satellite service he is proudly offering his customers speeds up to 100 Mbps!

A Bit About Kelly

Kelly is an ambitious entrepreneur who stepped into the world of self-employment three decades ago. His career began with selling satellite TV service in the late 80s, a luxury at that time, which he installed for esteemed clientele including many renowned Edmonton Oilers players! His journey led him down the path of becoming an Xplore Authorized Dealer.

Edmonton-raised, Kelly has called Kelowna his home for the past thirty years. From here, he works with his team of four installers to cover the interior of BC. Kelly says, working in rural BC, every day is like a road trip.

“In the summertime, driving down the backroads and the highways, no traffic. The views are fantastic.”

Why Rural BC Loves Kelly

People in rural BC appreciate having a local dealer like Kelly, who understands their needs and their community. He says that a reliable Internet connection can have a profound impact on his customer’s lives.

“People are hugging me because when I show up they have nothing and when I leave they have Internet and a phone,”

Many of the customers that Horizon Wireless serves are outside of cell service so having Xplore Internet can be life-changing.

“They can keep in touch with their kids, grandkids, parents, they can do messaging, Skype calls. Wherever they live, they just turn on their generator, connect to their Xplore and see what’s going on in the world. In emergency cases, they can now make a phone call to 911 and have an ambulance come to their house,” he said.

What Sets Xplore Apart?

With Kelly and his Horizon Satellite team, you're just not another number in a queue; you're a friend.

“A 75-year-old can’t be up on a ladder installing their system with no one to talk to. If your internet isn’t working, how are you supposed to resolve it if there’s no one to talk to?” he said. “With Horizon, we’re part of their community. One of my installers show up and they aren’t just talking to somebody about their Internet, it turns into a conversation about the orchard they live on, what kind of fruit trees they grow, and some lucky techs might even get a jar of jam to take home.”

Get Ready for Internet Speeds up to 100 Mbps!

Soon, folks in Southern British Columbia will be able to access speeds up to 100 Mbps with Xplore's next-gen satellite service. Kelly’s customers in those areas can say goodbye to buffering and hello to working, learning, banking, gaming, and streaming without any hiccups.

Call 1-855-651-2118 to sign up today or get in touch with Kelly at Horizon Satellite.

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