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The program is helping visitors of libraries in Annapolis Royal, Bridgetown, Lawrencetown, Middleton and Kingston get more out of their connected devices.

95% of the program participants are seniors.

“Recently, one senior came in for her session frustrated but by the end of the second session she was thrilled because she could now attach pictures to emails and use Facebook to talk with her friends,” said Charlotte Janes, Coordinator of Corporate Services at the Annapolis Valley Regional Library (AVRL).

With support from Xplore, the essential service this program provides is being offered more of the time, to more people.

Participants can sign up for 1-hour time slots for sessions with the library’s resident Digital Literacy Instructor.

“What often happens is someone comes in to do a one-on-one session and asks to come back in 2 weeks to learn more,” Charlotte explained.

She said that one senior hadn’t seen her grandson and great-grandson for years after they relocated to Texas.

“She got to see him in the session through live chat and the joy brought her to tears. It’s very rewarding for whoever gets to be the instructor,” Charlotte said.

The program is similarly beneficial for all the community members who get involved.

“Sessions like this make it so they can step into the world and be on equal ground with everyone else. And, for the mental health of people that are isolated, having access to this technology can make a big difference,” she said.

The session itself can serve as an important social activity for the participant.

“They come back again because they like the instructor, they learn something, and they have someone to chat with for an hour,” Charlotte said.

This program is made possible through AVRL’s partnership with Xplore and the wide availability of Xplore Fibre in Annapolis County, which now delivers ultra-fast gigabit-speed fibre Internet to residents.

Fibre provides a wired connection that stays fast and reliable regardless of the terrain or weather. It’s also future-proof, meaning that even as technology changes, a fibre Internet connection will remain the gold standard.

“I’ve spoken to lots of people that absolutely love it. It’s made a huge difference in what they can access. Digital streaming was something they couldn’t do before, and now they can,” Charlotte said.

For more information about the One-on-One Tech Help Program visit

Find out if you have Xplore Fibre at your home or call 1-866-834-0138.