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Graeme Sweet, new Fibre Internet customer, and owner of SweetScape Software, runs his software development business out of his home.

“I have written an editor application that I’m selling online, and it’s being sold all around the world,” he explained.

Graeme’s software gives users access to powerful editing and scripting tools for a variety of files.

As you can imagine, the Internet is really important for running his online business.

“All of my business is through the Internet. I might have one customer in PEI but all the others are all around the world so all the communication is done through email, website and uploading things,” he said.

Because Fibre Internet comes with up to gigabit speeds and unlimited usage, it has been a great asset for Graeme and his business.

“Having fibre Internet has sped up everything, whether I’m uploading or emailing, everything is faster. Before, I would never have considered hiring more people but now, I have the opportunity to expand. I used to drive into town to Starbucks to download something big. It just wasn’t worth downloading at home,” he said.

Before signing up with Xplornet, the Sweets had a lot of trouble with their Internet connection.

“We often couldn’t even get 1 Mbps. I have to upload my software onto the Internet and it would often take over an hour to upload with the old Internet. With the new Internet, it’s about 20 seconds,” he said.

With Fibre Internet, he can also say goodbye hearing his children complain about buffering videos.

“The service has not gone down once and it has been very fast and steady. I would highly recommend it to anyone. My kids haven’t screamed once,” he said.

Graeme says that high-speed Internet has turned his industry global.

“100 years ago, location was really important but now your business can be done basically anywhere, as long as you have a good Internet connection, it opens up possibilities to the whole world,” he said.

He and his family live about 10 minutes east of Charlottetown in Mount Mellick, amongst farmland, right by the ocean.

His favourite part about living rural is having so much space.

“We have some land and a forest and the kids can go out and explore,” he said.

Xplornet District Sales Manager, Brandon Webb, was there recently giving out goodies to new Xplore Fibre customers.

He wanted to speak directly with customers to get a sense of their experience with the new service so far so he purchased some locally made cinnamon buns and set out to deliver them. Graeme and his family were some of the customers he visited.

“It was very heartwarming to see how our service is literally going to change their lives. They had been operating a small business, working from home, with a large family on a very slow copper connection. They were very happy to get fibre! Now their business can do more – faster. And, their family can use the Internet for everything they need,” he said.

Fibre Internet is now available to more than 270 homes and businesses in Prince Edward Island, including the communities of Vernon Bridge, Millview, Vernon River, Pownal, Mount Mellick, Alexandra, Alberry Plains, Belfast, Summerville and Eldon, with more communities across PEI coming soon.

Call 1-866-601-0021 or use our Fibre Look Up tool to see if you can get connected to gigabit speeds today or if the service is coming soon to your neighbourhood!