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Your choice of online games often depends on your Internet connection. Different types of Internet technologies have varying speeds and latencies that will significantly impact your gaming experience. At Xplore, we offer three primary types of Internet technologies: fibre, wireless, and next-gen satellite. Here's how each one shapes up in the gaming arena:

Fibre Internet: Ideal for Real-Time Gaming and Live Streaming

Fibre Internet sends data at the speed of light through buried or aerial fibre optic cables. Its unparalleled speeds and rock-solid connection represent the gold standard for gaming. Its ultra-low latency, approximately 30ms, and download speeds reaching up to 1000 Mbps make it perfect for real-time online gaming experiences where every millisecond counts.

Think of yourself immersed in the heart-stopping mobile battle royale, PubG, or coordinating military tactics on PS5 in Helldivers 2 - your victories owed to the unbeatable speed that fibre brings. And streaming your winning streak live on YouTube or Twitch? It’s done with zero buffering and top-quality streams.

Wireless Home Internet: A Game-Changer with Unlimited Data

Not to be underestimated, Wireless Home Internet broadcasts Internet connectivity through radio waves from towers to equipment installed on customers’ homes. With download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, and about 50ms latency, Xplore’s wireless solution brings steady data flow so that whether you’re creating sprawling cities in the PC game Roblox or teaming up with Xbox One friends in PalWorld your gaming journey is uninterrupted. Gamers who have experienced data caps in the past will love Xplore’s Wireless Home Internet with truly unlimited data. That’s right, while others may throttle or limit, we keep you in the fast lane, not just in gameplay but in downloading updates and patches and streaming video too.

Here’s what you get when you upgrade to an Xplore Fibre or Wireless Home Internet connection:

1. Less Lag: Chop down lag, the pesky public enemy of gamers, and gain the upper hand in your games.

2. In Sync with Your Team: Coordinate with your playmates better in multiplayer games. No more missed signals or late reactions!

3. Stellar Streaming: Proudly showcase your epic gameplay moments with smooth, crisp streaming that matches your gaming prowess.

4. Quick Downloads: Say goodbye to staring at progress bars. Download games and updates in no time, and plunge into action right away!

Satellite Internet: Comfort Gaming for Remote Areas

Xplore’s Next-Gen Satellite Internet provides ultra-fast download speeds up to 100 Mbps yet higher latency - anywhere from 550-600ms – due to the vast distance (literally from outer space!) data has to travel. That said, it can still provide a satisfactory gaming experience, especially for those in remote areas. Where it shines is in 'turn-based' games or those that don't require real-time interactions. Games such as 'Civilization VI' and 'Hearthstone,' which don't require immediate mouse clicks or keyboard presses, would be perfectly fine on satellite Internet.

Choosing What's Best for You

The ideal internet connection for you relies heavily on your gaming preferences and geographical location. Ensure to gauge your needs, examine your options, and select the most suitable connection for you. With Xplore, you'll not only get fast and reliable Internet connectivity but also unparalleled customer service to guide you in your selection. If you’re not sure which is the best option for you, we invite you to call 1-855-651-2118 today and talk to an expert.

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