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In September 2022 Xplornet became Xplore. Read more here.

Rob Sawyer, owner and manager of COX Electronics, has been an Authorized Xplore Dealer since the beginning.

Through the years, he’s witnessed incredible changes in technology from Xplore’s very first satellite to our new 5G Home Internet offering rural Canadians Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps.

“Customers have been extremely happy with it. They’ve gone from buffering issues and not being able to have everyone on at the same time to now everyone can do whatever they need to do and everybody’s happy,” Rob said.

One of his new installers, Ben Cook, just happens to be an Xplore 5G customer.

His wife Maxine works from their home on the water in Oak Bay, New Brunswick doing sports data entry.

“Last night she had a couple of games up on the screen and her app open, watching the games and recording the stats,” he explained.

He commonly runs speed tests to ensure the Internet connection is working as expected.

“It can be whatever time of day and 99% of the time it’s at 116 Mbps. The LTE would slow down sometimes in the evening but the 5G doesn’t slow down,” he said.

Since upgrading to 5G and consistently getting these great speeds, Maxine can be working while Ben enjoys the Internet connection simultaneously.

“She’s in there streaming sometimes 3 games and I’m in the other room streaming with no slowdowns. It’s been really good,” he said.

Peter French, who owns and operates Retep Satellite, another Authorized Xplore Dealer out of Sussex, New Brunswick is seeing the same experience with his customers who have connected to 5G.

“Customers are thrilled when we present them with a speed test before we leave the house that shows a service speed typically faster than what they’ve subscribed to. For example, if they ordered the 100 Mbps package, typically we’re getting anywhere from 105-117 Mbps download when we complete the installation,” he said.

He and his team have been installing 5G nonstop lately.

“It’s been just tremendous. The consistent speeds, with a steady strong signal is a game changer for this company. There will be rural areas that may never get fibre optic service, and with this service they will do just fine,” he said.

He said that the main differentiator between 5G and other services is the incredible speed difference, less lagging, and greatly improved customer experience for large families with multiple users.

“You’ve got enough speed to have everyone on at the same time,” he said.

He wanted to note that the key to a flawless 5G experience is not just upgrading the outdoor equipment but upgrading the indoor equipment as well.

With their turnkey approach to installing 5G, Retep not only upgrades the connection, they also assess the customer’s router and ask questions to determine if there are any Wi-Fi dead zones in the home.

“With the 5G upgrade, it’s been great to also assess to make sure customers have a commercial-grade Xplore router installed and correct any gaps in Wi-Fi with the Xplore Whole Home Wi-Fi system. We also make sure they have good cables and new power supplies,” he said.

These changes enhance the customer’s whole Internet experience.

“You’re getting two big smiles – my Internet is faster, and now I can get it on the deck, or in my garage. With the Xplore router and a couple of Wi-Fi extenders, they are blown away,” he said.

5G is now available in New Brunswick, Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario, PEI and Newfoundland.

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