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September 7, 2023

Steve Churchhill is not only the President and Owner of Authorized Xplore Dealer Phone Tech but he’s also President of the Kinsman Club of Corner Brook.

Like every Kin Canada Club across the country, The Kinsman Club of Corner Brook is a group of volunteers who come together to serve their community’s greatest needs. They do this through regular fundraising and donations to local sports teams, schools, food banks and more.

“Our largest non-profit project is Prince Edward Park, a large RV park and campsite. The park is run by the Kinsmen and at the end of each year a portion of the proceeds go back to the community and a portion goes toward running the park,” Steve explained.

They have also been running the Civic Centre Cantine for over 20 years, they have an annual golf tournament, an annual antique car show and other small fundraisers throughout the year.

This summer, Steve was awarded Life Membership, the highest honour a Kinsman Club member can receive.

“Steve has been a member of the club since 2005 and held all club executive positions and chaired most club projects. He’s been a great leader within the club,” Dwight Hatcher, Steve’s colleague and Service Manager at Phone Tech said.

Steve has been President twice, Rookie of the Year, Kinsman of the Year twice and he’s either chaired or co-chaired every program at least once.

Both of Steve’s parents are also Life Members.

“I grew up in the organization and they inspired me to join,” Steve said.

Steve grew up in Corner Brook where he started Phone Tech in 2004. The company became an Authorized Xplore Dealer in 2014. Currently, Phone Tech employs 12 people from the community who are dedicated to installing Xplore services and providing local support full-time.

“It means a lot to us to be able to offer service that is needed in areas where others can’t provide. Xplore is focused on providing high-speed service to both Newfoundland’s towns and rural areas. They offer service to areas where others don’t, and they’ve been doing that longer than anyone,” Steve said.

Phone Tech also offers islanders structured cabling for commercial buildings, audio systems and paging, business telephone systems, security systems and services, new computers and computer repair for business and residential.

They bring these great services to the entire island portion of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Steve says that his customers really appreciate dealing with someone local.

“They like the ability to call our office, book their appointments and speak with someone here who knows the territory, knows the product and can give them the answers they’re looking for,” he said.

Xplore continues to invest in their state-of-the-art standalone 5G network and are now bringing Newfoundlanders the fastest speeds and lowest latency they have ever offered through a fixed wireless Internet connection!

Steve says that his customers love Xplore’s new 5G Home Internet service.

“Customers are very happy and super excited to sign up or get an upgrade. They are amazed by the speed and the quality of the product. The average speed we see on speed tests is 120 Mbps,” he said.

Xplore 5G Internet is now available across Newfoundland! And, right now Xplore is offering their best prices of the year! Call 1-866-900-1630 or Check Internet Packages to take advantage of this limited-time offer!

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