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An early adopter of Xplore’s satellite service, John Herron has been part of the Xplore Family for many years. He was quick to accept any upgrades offered, moving from satellite to fixed wireless and more recently to Xplore’s new 5G Home Internet with speeds up to 100 Mbps.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend making the switch. There is an improvement compared to the previous offering and my envy of those individuals who were able to have fibre to the home has greatly waned,” he said.

Where John lives in picturesque Kings County, New Brunswick, he got tired of waiting for the “big guys” to bring fibre.

“No one was willing to step up to provide an offering for New Brunswickers within the gap in service where I live. Xplore continues to invest in rural New Brunswick, more than just “rumor has it” they have released 5G and they're also getting into the fibre business,” he said.

It has been important that John has the flexibility to work from home.

“I am as functional as if I were in the office. I’m fully able to take an online meeting via Teams or Zoom. If I didn’t have the quality of high-speed Internet that I have from Xplore that would not have been possible,” he said.

Not only that, but John has had no issue running multiple devices on his Internet connection so that he and his wife can be working, and his kids can be learning or streaming at the same time.

“We were able to have class go on for Patrick in his senior year and were still able to hold our Zoom meetings with our colleagues,” he said. It’s been a very good experience from a service perspective to the quality of the product. 5G is an excellent solution for our home.

He is proud to subscribe to a company that was born in his home province.

“I’m very heartened as a New Brunswicker that the DNA of this company is founded in this province. Grateful for this New Brunswick company that has become a leader throughout the country.”

While New Brunswick was the first province to benefit from Xplore’s 5G service, it is now available in Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario, PEI and Newfoundland!

For a limited time, Xplore customers can upgrade to 5G for a reduced price. Call 1-866-601-0021 or use the Check Availability tool to see if its available at your home and take advantage of this offer today!