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Patricia Weatherbee’s cottage is at the mouth of the Tidnish River, outside of Amherst in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.

Before finding out about Xplornet, they had no Internet at all. Now, Pat can read email and connect with her friends and family through Facebook.

“It’s been our connection to so many people that we can’t actually see and visit right now. In some ways it’s our best connection,” she said.

Pat also enjoys streaming video.

“I watch a lot of Netflix,” she said.

Since they got connected to Xplornet four years ago they were satisfied with their service. That is, until facing some issues this summer.

“I could get reception if I was right beside the modem, but as soon as I went about 30 ft away it would break up and the wait cursor would start going round and round,” she explained.

When Pat called and spoke with Xplornet’s customer care specialist, Katherine, she determined that the problem was Pat’s router.

“She was very patient as I explained the problems. She thought perhaps a new router was the answer to my poor reception. It was mailed to me, and the reception has been excellent ever since,” Pat explained.

Xplornet’s commercial grade Wi-Fi Router offers customers better range and speeds. This is not like the router you can get off the shelf! Old routers can degrade even the strongest Internet connection so it’s not a surprise that an upgrade did the trick.

Pat asked her son to come by and help her install the router.

“My son was here when the router arrived and he, with the help of one of your phone representatives, was able to get it up and running. He said it was very straightforward and easy to follow,” she said.

Now that Pat’s router is working, she’s back to being satisfied with her Xplornet Internet, enjoying streaming, and connecting with loved ones once again.

“I’ve been very happy with the service and the reception.”

Did you know that Xplornet constructed 19 new towers in Cumberland and Colchester last year to bring high-speed Internet to local residents?

Earlier this year, Xplornet launched our newest service called Xplore 50/10 UNLIMITED. This service offers download speed up to 50 Mbps, upload speeds up to 10 Mbps and truly unlimited data. And our LTE 25 package with download speeds up to 25 Mbps is now available for a new low price!

Give us a call at 1-866-601-0021 or Check Internet Packages Available and we’ll be happy to help find the package that is right for you.