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Xplornet | August 25, 2020

With this month’s rural Internet service area update, we wanted to give you a little insight into how Xplornet’s Network Planning and Provision Team works by introducing you to their leader, Michelle Bourgoin.

Michelle has been with Xplornet since before the “Xplornet” we know today existed.

“I have been with the company for 24 years,” she said.

At that time, Xplornet’s primary office was in Woodstock, New Brunswick, a town of 5000, and most of their employees lived and raised their families in the community where they grew up.

The company was founded by people from rural New Brunswick who understand the challenges involved with getting rural Internet service. This office is active to this day and a large number of Xplornet’s employees still live and work in rural New Brunswick.

Even though Xplornet has grown from 50 employees to 1000, Michelle says it still feels like a family atmosphere. She still works in New Brunswick and often runs into old coworkers at the grocery store.

Today, Michelle leads the Network Planning and Provision Team. They are responsible for the planning and construction of new towers, adding capacity to the network and troubleshooting any technical issues.

The team’s number one goal is to maintain a good customer experience by predicting when communities will require more capacity on their tower so they can get ahead of the issue and ensure we’re providing quality rural Internet service.

“We monitor how towers are performing. We can see where the demand is high and those are the areas in which we build more capacity,” she said.

Predicting demand can be difficult because as technology evolves, the way we use the Internet changes. Michelle’s team forecasts that demand will increase by about 30% per year, but sporadic innovations to technology and trends in usage patterns like the number of devices, heavy reliance on streaming, and influxes of users working from home, can drive this number up in an instant.

When the capacity of a tower hits a certain threshold, Michelle’s team initiates a process where we close the tower to new customers to protect the experience of the customers that are currently serviced by the tower. No customers can be added until capacity is increased.

“In each province, there is a team that knows the towers, and user behaviour in their region, which helps to anticipate capacity issues,” Michelle said.

Still, expanding our network and carrying out tower upgrades takes time, and we know customers are eager to take advantage of each and every online innovation. Unfortunately, there are often physical limitations.

“Building a tower takes 3-12 months to complete. Engineers have to look at the ground, plan foundations, build foundations, wait for municipal approvals, all of which take a long time,” she explained.

Michelle, like the rest of the Xplornet family, has a vested interest in every customer.

“It hurts when a customer is unhappy or leaves us,” she said, “there is a very large group of people that care and we’re all working hard to make sure the customer has the best service possible. We’re not just sitting back and living with the fact that they have poor service. There are a lot of people that worry about them every day and take it very personally.”

It may not be visible in the news or on our website but the team behind the scenes is always working to upgrade the network to the latest standards, with the newest technologies and optimizing the way it performs.

From June 21st to August 21st, we were able to upgrade and build the towers listed below.

If your community is on this list and you’d like to inquire about Xplornet’s services call 1-855-291-3383. If you’d like information about updating your Xplornet Internet package contact us at 1-866-841-6001 today. You can also use the Check Availability tool to see what is available in your neighbourhood.

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Tower’s NameProvinceDateCommunity Name
MalmoAlberta23-Jun-20Division No. 8
Leduc SouthAlberta23-Jun-20Division No. 11
BrightviewAlberta23-Jun-20Division No. 11
Alberta Beach POPAlberta26-Jun-20Division No. 13
GlengarryOntario30-Jun-20Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry
NuttbyNova Scotia06-Jul-20Colchester
NavarreAlberta06-Jul-20Division No. 11
Harmony RidgeNova Scotia08-Jul-20Colchester
KirkhillNova Scotia09-Jul-20Cumberland
Saint Joachim POPOntario10-Jul-20Essex
ShubenacadieNova Scotia14-Jul-20Colchester
Millen MountainNova Scotia14-Jul-20Colchester
HildenNova Scotia15-Jul-20Colchester
Rockyford Center POPAlberta21-Jul-20Division No. 5
Teepee Creek POPAlberta24-Jul-20Division No. 19
Campbellford SouthOntario27-Jul-20Hastings County
Broderick (New)Saskatchewan29-Jul-20Division No. 11
SugarloafNova Scotia30-Jul-20Cumberland
AmherstNova Scotia31-Jul-20Cumberland
RossendaleNova Scotia31-Jul-20Cumberland
Salem POPNova Scotia31-Jul-20Cumberland
Springhill-Tower POPNova Scotia31-Jul-20Cumberland
North LakeNew Brunswick31-Jul-20York
GlenarmOntario31-Jul-20Kawartha Lakes
Schisler RdOntario4-Aug-20Niagara
St. AnnesOntario5-Aug-20Niagara
Great VillageNova Scotia7-Aug-20Colchester
DebertNova Scotia7-Aug-20Colchester
PugwashNova Scotia8-Aug-20Cumberland
Wallace RidgeNova Scotia8-Aug-20Cumberland

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