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In an increasingly connected world, having reliable and consistent Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home isn't just a luxury — it's essential. Whether you're working from the comfort of your bedroom, streaming the latest series in the basement living room, researching recipes in the kitchen, or connecting from the deck at the cottage, a strong and secure connection is a must. Xplore's Whole-Home Wi-Fi system promises to blanket your entire living space in robust Wi-Fi, ensuring that you can enjoy the internet without dead zones or signal drops.

What is Whole-Home Wi-Fi?

Whole-Home Wi-Fi by Xplore is designed to provide a comprehensive wireless internet experience that reaches every corner of your home. It doesn't matter if you live in a multi-story house, have a complex layout, or need coverage in remote areas like your garage or deck like Warren who works on an Xplore fibre connection from his dock on Otter Lake in Quebec — this system is crafted to ensure seamless connectivity.

Traditional Wi-Fi setups typically rely on a single router, which can result in areas of weak signal due to distance, physical obstructions, or interference. Xplore's solution, however, employs a network of interconnected nodes or "Internet cubes."

Xplore Whole Home WIFI

Beyond The Single Router Approach

These nodes work together to create a unified, strategically laid out Wi-Fi network. Each unit communicates with the others, akin to having multiple routers spread across your residence. This approach turns what were once dead zones into areas of full internet access.

Connectivity Without Boundaries

The standout feature of Xplore's Whole-Home Wi-Fi is the seamless nature of its network. Instead of multiple, disjointed networks that you have to connect to individually, the whole home system is designed to act as one. This means no more manually switching connections as you move through your house — your device will automatically stay on the strongest signal.

User-Friendly Management

Modern problems require modern solutions, and Xplore addresses this with an easy-to-use smartphone app. Through this app, you can manage your Wi-Fi system from anywhere, adjusting settings to accommodate your smart home devices or monitoring usage.

Say Goodbye to Dead Zones

The system's technology places nodes at strategic locations to work around the physical barriers of your home and ensures a persistent signal no matter where you are — be it your attic or your basement. Ben and Maxine in Oak Bay, New Brunswick have been delighted with their Xplore Wireless Home Internet connection in combination with their Whole Home Wi-Fi system. In Ben’s words: “You’re getting two big smiles – my Internet is faster, and now I can get it on the deck, or in my garage with the Xplore router and a couple of Wi-Fi extenders.”

Superior Wi-Fi Mesh technology

Xplore’s Whole Home Wi-Fi service is powered by cutting-edge Mesh Wi-Fi technology. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi extenders, which simply stretch a weaker signal further, Mesh Wi-Fi creates a robust and seamless network throughout your home. Mesh Wi-Fi systems are notably superior thanks to the seamless cooperation between the router and the wi-fi units. This means your devices connect to the fastest possible point as you move around your home.
Xplore has upgraded to wi-fi mesh technology to offer better signal reliability and easily cater to the needs of larger homes or those with high connectivity need.

The Hub of Your Smart Home

Today, a home is more than just lights and furniture; it's smart TVs, voice assistants, and automated cleaning robots. In fact, Xplore customer Andy Froneman says he has the smartest home in Kelvington, Saskatchewan! He can even open his garage door remotely from his mobile device!

Whole-Home Wi-Fi by Xplore provides the necessary infrastructure to connect all your smart devices to a single, reliable network, enabling quick and constant communication between your devices.

Tailored for Your Needs

Should your living situation change, or if you find yourself needing even more coverage, the system is customizable. You can add more cubes to expand the network wherever you find necessary — by the pool, in the workshop, or across the garden. This chalet in Muskoka, Ontario uses it to ensure Wi-Fi is available to all guests from the living room to the lake.

Safety and Support

With online security more important than ever, Xplore has not skimped on safety measures. The system comes with parental controls, automatic firmware updates for security, and 24/7 technical support for peace of mind.

In Conclusion

Upgrading to Xplore's Whole-Home Wi-Fi means opting for a stress-free internet experience that's secure, robust, and extensively covers every square inch of your home. Moving forward with a system like this could be the end of Wi-Fi woes, leaving you with nothing but pure, unadulterated connectivity.

For those looking to enhance their home internet system, Whole-Home Wi-Fi by Xplore offers a flexible, reliable, and straightforward solution to stay connected in every room. With easy setup and management, along with round-the-clock support, it could very well be the answer to all your Wi-Fi needs.

Discover more about Whole-Home Wi-Fi services and how it can transform your online experience by visiting Xplore's Wi-Fi Solutions page, or contact
1-855-651-2118 to discuss adding this system to your home today.