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Rick Wilkins has lived and worked on Rufus Lake, 110 kilometres south west of Kapuskasing in Northern Ontario, for the past 28 years. He runs Rufus Lake Outfitters, a northern oasis for those who love to hunt, fish or just enjoy nature.

Cell phone service ends about 10 kilometres from Kapuskasing.

“There was no Internet here when we first came. We didn’t even have phone service,” he said.

“You used to have to drive an hour and a half, take a bunch of change and put it in a pay phone. You could talk to the moon at that time, but you couldn’t talk to Rufus Lake,” he joked, “Now we’ve got Internet and life is a whole lot nicer. We can communicate with the world.”

Having Xplornet Internet meant Rick could now set up a phone line.

“It’s very cheap!” he said.

Xplornet Home Phone service is available for only 21.99 per month!

Rick says that he’s had a great experience being an Xplornet customer.

“Your speeds have gotten better. You’ve got good customer service. We phone, you listen, you explain anything we ask and its affordable, which is important. We’ve never had a bad experience with Xplornet. We recommend the service as well so there’s 5 or 6 cottagers here who now have it too,” he said.

On the property Rufus Lake Outfitters has nine cabins that can accommodate roughly 60 people, and a trailer park for locals and the travelling public. The property gives visitors access to five interconnected lakes as well as two smaller lakes.

“The fishing is good, the hunting is good, and the scenery is ever changing,” Rick said.

Photo of a young girl fishing off the end of a dock.

The Internet is the only source of advertising they use. Potential customers have ready access to information about their facility through their website and Facebook page.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Rick found that having the Internet was handy for him and for his customers.

“We never had to travel far. If you wanted to visit family, you could do a video call. If you needed a part, you could look for it on the web and have it delivered. When all the stores are closed and locked down it’s essential,” he said.

For them, the property on Rufus Lake provides all the entertainment they could possibly need.

“We have a couple of picture windows here and when you look out you can watch nature all day. You can see foxes looking for moles and the occasional black bear passing through. On the dock, you can see an eagle eating the scraps of fish we’ve cleaned, and we can watch the grossbeaks, blue jays and grey jays in our bird feeders,” he said.

A photo of a bald eagle standing in a snowy field.

With Xplornet, you can experience all that Northern, Ontario has to offer and stay connected to the world. Call us at 1-866-601-0021 or Check Internet Packages to find out more.