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In September 2022 Xplornet became Xplore. Read more here.

Life in rural communities, the very heartbeat of our nation, is beautiful, but it presents unique challenges and opportunities that demand understanding and attention. One such challenge is access to quality healthcare services. Xplore's high-speed Internet is making a significant impact, connecting rural areas with improved healthcare via telemedicine and other digital health initiatives.

Telemedicine: Bringing Healthcare Closer to Home

In rural areas, visiting a healthcare facility often means long drives, work schedule juggling, and navigating daunting waiting rooms. Telemedicine offers a solution where patients can consult with healthcare providers virtually, as long as they have a stable, high-speed Internet connection.

With her high-speed Internet connection, Xplore customer Dr Deborah Vanberkel offers virtual counseling appointments through the Farmer Wellness Program, making it less difficult for people in rural Ontario to access mental health support and services.

A medical professional using a tablet and laptop with fast internet

Real-time Access to Important Information

High-speed Internet helps rural emergency workers receive patient records quickly, enabling them to consult with medical specialists in real-time.

Strengthening Rural Health Infrastructure with Digital Health Initiatives

Through high-speed Internet, rural healthcare providers can integrate advanced telehealth technologies to increase their service offerings.

Dr. Adeel Azam, a dedicated family physician in rural Southern Alberta, can now offer virtual appointments to patients who face stigma, collaborate with his peers over the Internet and access medical records remotely, making his practice even more essential to his community.

Visit Connecting Rural Canadians to see how Xplore Internet is transforming the lives of rural Canadians from healthcare, to working from home, to staying connected to one another.

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