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Updated Jan 29, 2024

Are you tired of paying hefty cable and satellite TV bills every month? Do you want the flexibility to watch your favorite shows and movies whenever and wherever you want? It's time to cut the cord and embrace the world of streaming. With a Smart TV or streaming device, you can access a multitude of apps and services that cater to your entertainment needs.

Embracing the Smart TV Revolution

A Smart TV is a game-changer when it comes to watching TV. It allows you to stream and download apps for various paid and free streaming services and channels. By connecting your TV to the Internet, you open the door to a world of entertainment options, all at your fingertips. And, with Xplore’s fixed wireless, fibre and satellite Internet packages, you’ll have all the bandwidth you need to do it.

Affordable Streaming Devices

Don't have a Smart TV? No problem! There are plenty of affordable streaming devices available on the market. Devices like Apple TV, ROKU, or Amazon Fire TV Sticks can transform your non-smart TV into a smart TV in no time. Some of these devices start at around $30-60 one-time to buy the equipment. Simply plug in the device, connect it to the Internet, and start streaming your favorite content. It's a cost-effective solution that allows you to enjoy the benefits of streaming without breaking the bank.

Endless Entertainment Options

* Pricing current at time of publishing

Streaming Service


Amazon Prime Video

$99/year (included with Prime)


Starting at $6.99/month

Apple TV





Free options


Free options




Starting at $9.99/month


Free options


$5.99/month (with ads) or $8.99/month (ad free)


$7.99/month (with ads) or $11.99/month (ad free) or $14.99/month premium


Free options


$6.99/month; $61.99/year


Free with a library card



ICI Télé

Free options


Free for students and those with a library card





PBS Passport

Free (full library available with donation)

Plex TV




Savoir média






Super Channel



Free options


Free options




Free options



Sports Streaming





$18.33 to $39.99/month


$19.99/month or $199.90/year

SportsNet Now

Starting at $14.99/momth


$19.99/month or $199.90/year

When you delve into the world of streaming, you'll be amazed by the plethora of entertainment options available. From popular streaming services like Netflix, Crave (also home of HBO in Canada), Disney+, Paramount+, and Amazon Prime Video, with pricing ranging from $4.99-$19.99 per month, to specialized services like Discovery+ and ESPN+, there's something for everyone. Whether you're a fan of movies, TV shows, documentaries, or live sports events, streaming services have got you covered.

For example, Amazon Prime Video is $99 per year or included with your Amazon Prime membership. The service offers lots of free movies and shows and you can choose to add StackTV, Paramount+, Starz, Discovery+, CityTV+, AMC+, Hayu, Brittbox, Super Channel and more to make sure you have access to all your favourite programming.

StackTV, mentioned above, is available through Prime Video or Fubo TV. The service offers 16 main channels for $12.99 per month. Those channels include Global, Food Network Canada, HGTV Canada, W Network, The History Channel, Adult Swim, Slice, Showcase, National Geographic, Lifetime, Cartoon Network, Treehouse, YTV, Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD.

Discovery+ is $5.99 per month or $8.99 per month for their ad-free service. It includes TLC, Trvl Channel, Discovery, Food network, HGTV, and more!

There are even some free options like Tubi, Plex TV and PlutoTV. PlutoTV has over 120 channels.

Many news networks also have some free options like CityTV, Global, and CBC, so you can stay up to date with what is going on.

There are many options designed specifically for the sports fans like DAZN ($19.99/month),

FuboTV ($18.33/month), SportsNet Now ($14.99/month), TSN ($19.99/month), and Apple TV+ Major League Soccer Season Pass ($12.99/month).

Say Goodbye to Cable Bills

One of the biggest advantages of cutting the cord on cable TV is the potential for significant savings. Cable and satellite TV providers often lock you into expensive long-term contracts and charge hefty monthly fees. By switching to streaming services, you can choose the services that suit your preferences and budget. Many streaming platforms offer affordable monthly subscriptions, and some even have free trial periods to test them out before committing. And, with Xplore Internet, you get high-speed Internet that is able to handle all your favourite streaming services - and on select plans you can get truly unlimited data with no contracts and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Streaming provides unparalleled convenience. With on-demand access to your favorite shows and movies, you no longer have to rely on fixed broadcasting schedules. You can watch your favorite content on your own terms, whether it's during your morning coffee, on your lunch break, or late at night. Plus, most streaming platforms allow you to create multiple user profiles, tailoring recommendations to your personal taste. It's a personalized entertainment experience like no other.

So, why wait? Take the leap and cut the cord on cable TV. Embrace the streaming revolution with a Smart TV or an affordable streaming device. Explore the wide range of streaming services available and discover a world of entertainment that fits your preferences and budget. Say goodbye to cable bills and hello to convenience, flexibility, and endless entertainment options. With Xplore Internet, you can start streaming today and never look back! For all your Internet streaming needs, we got you covered.

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