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Reliable, ultra-fast Home Internet for rural Canadians.

Powered by the JUPITER™ 3 Ultra High-Density satellite, the largest commercial communications satellite ever built. (see launch video).

  • Up to 100 Mbps speeds – for you to stream 4K videos, work, play and connect all your devices.
  • Unlimited Usage – you’ll get 500 GB/month at max speeds and unlimited access thereafter. No overage charges, ever.
  • Enhanced Coverage – for you to have great Internet, wherever you live.
  • Professional Install & Local Support – An Xplore technician from your community will install your service and make sure everything is set up correctly. Once you’re set up, you’ll have access to our 100% Canadian-based support team for round-the-clock technical support.

SAT 100 - $129 /month

Up to 100 Mbps Download

Unlimited Data (with 500 GB at max speed)

$0 Initial Hardware fee

$149 Professional Installation

Advanced Wi-Fi Router included for great whole-home coverage

No long-Term Contract & 30 days trial

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More Satellite Internet options:
SAT 25 | 25Mbps with 250GB data - $79.99/mo
SAT 50 | 50Mbps
with 350GB data - $99.99/mo

What can you do with ultra-fast 100 Mbps speeds?

More devices connected at the same time

Crystal clear video calls with your family, friends and colleagues

Stream your shows and movies in up to 4K definition with little to no buffering

Lightning-fast download speeds for large photos, files, movies and games

More about Xplore Next Gen Satellite service

J3 Satellite - Providing Fast Internet in Rural Canada


JUPITER™ 3 is the largest commercial satellite ever built, with a total capacity higher than the previous JUPITER™ satellites combined. Xplore’s booked capacity for Canadian customers makes for the single largest reservation of bandwidth from this satellite.

JUPITER™ 3 is geo-synchronous satellite, which means it stays in orbit far away from earth and covers a large area. Xplore is choosing a low impact solution in GEO technology. It is a proven technology that allows us to offer cost effective Internet service to more areas in Canada as we work on ultimately covering these areas with superior Fibre & 5G connections.

Friendly Xplore Technician in rural Canada installing fast internet

No upfront hardware cost. Outstanding value and choice of flexible monthly plans.

The hardware needed will cost you nothing and will be installed & setup from our local technicians.
The 100 Mbps plan is our best, but you are able to choose between Satellite packages with great value at very competitive prices.


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