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The Sundre Alberta Municipal Library’s Tech Tuesday and Tech Tutoring programs, sponsored by Xplore, provide seniors, families, and individuals with the opportunity to learn about technology and troubleshoot their tech issues in a stress-free environment.

“We had people coming in to try new experiences and get some assistance like grandparents coming in saying I just want to FaceTime with my grandkids – can you help me do that?” library manager, Karen Tubb explained.

On Tech Tuesdays, participants get the opportunity to experience different types of technology that they might not normally have access to.

Some technologies that have been featured so far are iPad-controlled Sphero Robots, Oculus Rift virtual reality immersive experiences, Wii Family games, and Minecraft sessions.

The Spheros were particularly popular.

“Kids and families could code a program and then communicate wirelessly to the Spheros and control where it went. Kids could experiment with things like speed, direction, lights and all kinds of things with the robot,” said Joy Willihnganz, library program coordinator .

Karen and Joy said that families appreciated that these tech experiences were accessible and free of charge.

The Tech Tutoring program is a one-on-one service for anyone requiring assistance with an electronic device, iPad, phone, or computer. They can come to the library to learn how to use these gadgets and work with someone to resolve any technical issues.

In Sundre, Joy and Karen said they have noticed a need for tech help, especially for seniors.

“ With Tech Tutoring, it was predominantly older adults and seniors, people who were experiencing frustration with using their devices and didn't have anyone else to help them work through it. People found it really worthwhile having access to that resource,” Joy said.” Joy said.

They heard over and over again that the program addressed senior’s needs and that they really appreciated the time that was given to them. Each session was 45 minutes to an hour.

After their initial session, they could go home, practice, and then rebook another session to continue with their learning.

The Xplore sponsorship allowed the library to hire a university student for the summer who helped facilitate the programs.

“We heard tons of comments about how great he was with the kids, families and seniors. He really created a stress-free environment in all the activities he ran and we wouldn’t have had that without the Xplore sponsorship,” Karen explained.

We’re happy to report that there will be more tech programs offered in the future for anyone in Sundre who would like to come out and try something new.

“We’re delighted to continue working with Xplore to offer these fun and unique programs,” Karen said.

Sundre residents can use their new tech-skills at home with 100% pure fibre Internet from Xplore. Check Fibre Internet Availability and sign up for updates as we continue to expand this service to more areas in Sundre, Alberta.