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Xplore may periodically delete customer email accounts that have not been accessed by the customer over a period of 12 months. Should an email account be deleted, data associated with that account, including but not limited to any emails, email attachments and contacts, will be lost and cannot be recovered. In order to protect our customers’ privacy, once a customer’s account is deleted, the email address associated with that account cannot be used again in the future, by anyone else other than the same customer (providing they have an Xplore access service). Do not let your accounts go dormant/inactive for longer than 12 months if you wish to keep them and their data saved.

To keep your Xplore email address active, please take one of the following two actions at least once every 12 months:

  • Log in to your email account by selecting the appropriate login link at
  • Send an email from your email account using your preferred third party email software (such as Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail).

For additional questions and support about your email services, we encourage you to reach out to us at [email protected] or call 1-866-841-6001.