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In September 2022 Xplornet became Xplore. Read more here.

When Leo-Paul started LP Electronics in 1981, their bread and butter was selling and repairing electronic devices.

Over time, it became almost impossible to compete with the large electronic stores that moved into town and he had to come up with another way to keep his business running.

“I don’t think I’d be in business right now if it wasn’t for Xplore. When Xplore came along, they gave a new lease on life,” he said.

As an Authorized Xplore Dealer, LP Electronics helps local customers from their first call to their installation to providing customer service and tech support so that they are always taken care of by someone right in town.

LP Electronics is one of Xplore’s oldest dealers. Leo-Paul remembers every change in technology over the years, from satellite to LTE to fibre.

“Technology has improved a lot and it’s a lot faster,” he said.

After all these years, he’s proudly handing over the business to his son, Donald, who will officially take over in February 2023.

They both agreed that Donald taking over was the best way to keep the legacy of the business running, their loyal staff employed and to ensure Islanders were getting great, local service.

Donald says that in PEI there is a strong sense of community and that everyone is always willing and able to help each other out.

“There’s a close-knit feeling and a common intention to improve things and to make people’s lives better as well as welcoming new people,” he said.

Donald and Leo-Paul say members of the community are grateful to have a local Xplore dealer who can provide personalized service.

“They really do like calling local. We have a reputation to keep up and we care for our neighbours. People get a lot of value out of that,” Donald said.

Especially in times of crisis, like during Hurricane Fiona, people rely on the service they know and trust.

“We had a lot of customers with damaged equipment who couldn’t get a signal. Xplore foot the bill, and we repaired the equipment so the customer was happy and didn’t have to pay out of pocket to get going,” Leo-Paul said.

The father-son duo agreed that by calling a local dealer, Xplore customers get the quality of service they’d expect from a small business, but with the power of next-generation Internet technology.

“Going with Xplore allows you to access high-speed Internet at a reasonable price. Now we’re starting to roll out fibre on two different sides of the island and that will provide rural people faster Internet than they could ever imagine,” Donald said.

Right now, locals can get Internet speeds up to 50 Mbps for only $69.99/month which includes free installation – a value of $59. PLUS for a very limited time when you book with LP Electronics you’ll get a $100 credit! Call LP Electronics at 1-844-515-9299 to sign up today!

Looking for even faster speeds - ask us about fibre Internet. We are currently rolling out fibre to parts of PEI and will continue to do so in 2023.