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Xplore | December 7, 2018

Home phones have evolved dramatically since having a long cord that could reach every corner of your kitchen or living room (hello, cordless phones!). Although mobile phones are said to have replaced the home phone, there are still plenty of reasons why having a landline is essential for making your life easier and your home safer. Here are three reasons why your family needs a home phone.

One number for the whole family

How many times a day do your kids ask you to use your mobile phone? Sharing your mobile phone is not ideal because, after all, it’s your mobile phone. You shouldn’t need to peel it out of your kid’s hands when you need it – a home phone helps solve that problem. On top of keeping your mobile for yourself, a home phone allows you to know exactly who is calling your family, and gives your offspring a chance to learn telephone manners. Features like call forwarding also make having your home phone being the main contact for your family easy because it will send all calls to your cell phone when you need to step out of the house.

Having one number for the whole family will also help ensure your family doesn’t miss any important voicemails. Some internet-based home phone services, like Xplore Home Phone, can even send your voicemails to your email, so you’ll always have your messages at your fingertips.

Save on your phone bills

We get it – living in rural Canada presents challenges staying connected to friends and family. Many mobile phone plans don’t offer enough long distance minutes, and cell phone reception isn’t always great. What all you want to do is connect with family and friends across the province, having a home phone lets you do just that with unlimited province-wide calling. Not to mention, international long-distance calling is often cheaper than mobile plans.


Peace of Mind

For families in rural areas, cell phone reception can be a concern, but having a home phone can provide you with peace of mind that you’ll have a clear connection to family, friends, and emergency services. A home phone also helps your 911 operator identify your location, which is great for families with young kids who may not know your home address. We suggest that you also make sure that your address information is up-to-date with e-911 services.

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