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Summer is in full swing, and with the kids out of school, their online activity is bound to increase. Xplore’s ultra-fast Internet plans and amazing home Wi-Fi coverage allow you to connect as many devices as needed, to keep you working and your kids entertained. But, as a parent, you want to ensure they’re exploring the web safely, so the Xplore Family put together some advice and resources to help:

The Power of Parental Controls

Parental Controls are your digital toolkit for safeguarding your children’s online experiences. They allow you to:

  • Block Inappropriate Content: Prevent access to websites and apps that aren’t suitable for children.
  • Control Online Access: Specify the hours during which your kids can go online.
  • Set Screen Time Limits: Decide how long your children can spend on their devices.
  • Maintain Privacy: Protect your kids from identity theft and limit their social media sharing.

Browser-Specific Parental Controls

Let’s dive into how different browsers handle these controls:

  1. Microsoft Edge: Edge offers a Kids Mode, which simplifies setting up a safe browsing environment. It includes features like website allow lists, strict Bing SafeSearch filters, and automatic deletion of browsing data on exit.
  2. Google Chrome: While Chrome doesn’t have built-in parental controls, it supports extensions that can provide similar functionalities. You can find extensions for content filtering, screen time management, and more in the Chrome Web Store. Parental controls for Chrome can be found in the Family Link app.
  3. Mozilla Firefox: Firefox also relies on your device's parental control features or add-ons for parental controls. These add-ons can help you filter content and manage what your children can access online.
  4. Apple Safari: For Mac and iOS users, Safari integrates with Apple’s Screen Time feature, allowing you to set content restrictions and monitor usage directly from the device’s settings.

Device-Specific Parental Controls

  • For Mac iOS and PCs, parents can easily set up profiles with restricted access to content and apps, ensuring that children only see what’s suitable for their age
  • iPhones and iPads come with built-in Screen Time features, allowing you to monitor and limit your child’s device usage, as well as control purchases and downloads
  • Android devices offer similar protections through Google Play’s parental controls and the Family Link app, which lets you supervise your child’s device from your own.
  • For tablets, whether it’s an Amazon Fire with its comprehensive parental dashboard or any other Android-based tablet, you’ll find robust controls to filter content, set time limits, and monitor activity.
  • For gaming consoles like the Nintendo Wii, parents can navigate to the Wii System Settings to set up parental controls, including creating a PIN to restrict game access based on content ratings. PlayStation consoles allow for the creation of a Master Account with Sub Accounts for children, offering control over game age ratings, playtime, and online communication. Xbox consoles provide family settings to manage game access, online safety, and privacy, as well as screen time limits. These settings ensure that children can enjoy gaming within a safe environment tailored to their age.

Educating Kids on Online Safety

Parental Controls are just one part of the equation. It’s crucial to educate your children about the importance of online safety. Discuss the risks of interacting with strangers, the permanence of online posts, and the need to come to you if they encounter something unsettling. To support these crucial discussions, we recommend tapping into a wealth of Canadian resources:

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police: They offer lesson plans and activities to help youth learn about safe online behavior and how to protect themselves.
  • This site provides up-to-date information on the ever-changing online interests of young people, the potential risks they face, and strategies to keep them safe.
  • MediaSmarts: A Canadian resource that offers digital and media literacy resources to help youth develop critical thinking skills and become informed digital citizens.

Xplore’s Role in Your Family’s Online Safety

With Xplore Internet’s robust speeds and reliability, you can be rest assured that your family’s parental controls will run smoothly. Our service supports the bandwidth demands of modern browsers and their safety features, ensuring that your kids can learn, play, and explore the Internet without compromising on speed or security.

For more information on how Xplore can enhance your family’s online experience visit our Internet Packages Page. And remember, as you navigate this digital summer, Xplore is here to support you every step of the way.

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