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Xplornet | September 18, 2020

This month Xplornet Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers were challenged to post a photo and caption of what “rural life” means to them for their chance to win. In a random draw we selected Charles, the lucky winner of a new tablet.

We received so many beautiful entries that we couldn’t help but share them with all of you. Here’s what rural Canadian life looks like through the eyes of Xplornet’s online community:

Poodle mix dog sitting in snow

“Rural life means having enough space to let the dog really stretch her legs.” -Charles Braedley @cbraedley

Duck swimming in water

“Rural life means being able to enjoy nature to its fullest.” -Jo-Ann – Linda @JASZY101

Deer in a field

“Rural life means catching a view of the new neighbours out for their morning walk.” -Rosebud607 @roromibr

Sunny pond

“Rural life means safety, peace & tranquillity.” – Erika R. @xclusivelyerika

Nature image

“My pretty backyard in Newfoundland.” – Todd @TJYPhotography

Green landscape photography

“Peace and Serenity.” -Allison Matz @amatz8711

Person sitting outside

“Rural life means family together out on the land, providing country food for family.” -Bernadette Tinak Iqqugaqtuq

Gilbert Good

“Rural life means sometimes you have to work hard to survive and the bounty of what you gain is a blessing in disguise.” – Gilbert Good


“Rural life means sharing your Internet connection with your rooster because he’s adorably obsessed.” –Temara Brown


“Rural life means animals, fresh air and growing our own food.” -Barb Brad

Foxes in nature

“Rural life is loving these wildlife you share your backyard with.” -Tammy Quigley

Flock of chickens

“Rural life means the joy of multi-coloured chickens that lay beautiful eggs!”
–Loretta & Chris Shepherd

Family in corn field

“Rural life means family fun and good yummy eats!” -Karen Goforth Price

Bunny in backyard

“When living in the country you have the visit of unusual neighbors.” – Luis Amaral


“What ‘rural’ life looks like to me. Far enough away from the city’s hustle and bustle, able to enjoy an afternoon walk without worrying too much about traffic and the neighbours are nearby but not so close you can see the colour of the curtains.” -Susan MacGregor @ladymac62

Family kayaking

“What rural life means to us: Away from the crowd, more quality time with family and enjoyment.” – Crystal Skrepnek @crystalskrepnek

Sunset behind beautiful home

“We live on a 30 acre hobby farm in Belwood, ON and have been Xplornet customers for 6 years. This photo taken of our front garden sums up happy rural life. To me… a beautiful sunset, our 3 beloved geese, our organic veggie garden, our happy home. The buggy in front of the garage not put away yet after a long day of chores. Happy wholesome country living.” -Kara Irving @awake_and_ascending

Small child and chickens

“Rural life means fresh eggs and fun with farm animals.” – Mary Jane Sibbitt

Open field

“Rural life means days filled with wide open spaces and wide open sky filled with beautiful blue and amazing clouds!” -Tracey @gagecanada


“Gardening.” – Alma @keen9782

Dog and owner on jetski

“Rural life is enjoying water sports at camp with our wonder dog.” -Penny Ruddy

Children picking apples

Rural Life means growing your own food. -Melissa Thompson Bilous

Thanks to everyone who participated in Xplornet’s Rural Life Photo contest.

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