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This fall, Xplornet sponsored an event at two apple orchards where a live radio broadcast encouraged people to visit and buy prepacked bags of fresh produce to be donated to the local food bank.

“We are so very grateful for the apples donated and monetary donations provided. Fresh produce is something that folks don’t get the chance to enjoy too often, so this is a real treat to be able to hand out,” said Allie Matthews, Community and Family Services Manager at The Salvation Army Chatham-Kent.

Almost $700 worth of fresh food was collected and delivered to the Salvation Army in Ridgetown and Blenheim, Ontario.

“We donated two vehicles full of fresh produce to the food bank,” said Cindy Bokor, owner of Greatview Orchards.

She and Hector Delanghe of Delhaven Orchards did the work of packing fresh produce into convenient grab bags so that customers could easily grab one and make a donation.

“On the 25th of September, I did up paper bags with fresh produce valued at $15 or $20. I set them out on my front table and when people came to do their shopping, they could buy a bag to donate,” Cindy explained.

The event was not only essential as foodbanks regularly lack fresh food donations, but it was also a great way to advocate for locally grown produce and supporting local businesses.

“It was a great way to get the point across of how much fruit, vegetables and other products are grown locally. Some of this stuff doesn’t come from California, it comes from your own back yard,” Hector said.

The orchard owners had the opportunity to be on air with the radio station, talking up their harvest, letting folks know the importance of locally grown food and encouraging their customers to come by and help support the food drive.

“I know the food banks are lacking fresh produce. It also helped us because it promoted our market and, it was good to promote Xplornet. I have all my business with Xplornet, my home computer and the debit machine at the market is through Xplornet so it was a win win for everybody,” Cindy said.

Both Greatview and Delhaven Orchards are long-time Xplornet customers.

Hector has accommodations set up for his migrant workers every year complete with Xplornet Wi-Fi.

“We have 20 workers from Jamaica and they check in with their families almost every night to let them know how things are going here and find out how their families are doing,” he explained.

Hector said that he’s been participating in Canada’s migrant worker program for 52 years and is happy that they now have a way to regularly check in with their family during their stay.

“First it was letters, then the odd phone call. We have workers who have been coming for 32 years and now they can communicate with their family,” he said.

Delhaven Orchards also uses their Xplornet for all their business communication needs.

“Since we’ve been on the Xplornet it’s been working excellent for us,” Hector said.

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