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Xplornet | April 22, 2021

Since our last network update blog, we have built another 95 new towers serving rural Canada, that’s over 100 since the beginning of the year.

Welcome to the 2021 addition of Xplornet MythBusters, with your host, Xplornet!

Here are the top misconceptions that we have been seeing online.

Myth 1: 5G isn't safe.

The Truth: 5G poses no health risks, more in depth detail from Health Canada can be found at the following link:

5G technology and equipment is used and manufactured worldwide with standards are set by organizations such as the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) both of whom have representatives from countries all over the world.

Myth 2: Xplornet is too expensive.

The Truth: Xplornet offers plans for a wide variety of needs, starting at just $59.99 a month. In addition, if your usage is seasonal, we have options for you to suspend service temporarily when you may not need it. You can Check Internet Packages available at your home.

Myth 3: Xplornet doesn’t work in cold weather, rain or snow.

The Truth: Xplornet services and equipment are weather hardened to work in all conditions. While extreme weather events may impact service due to significant damage such as fallen trees, customers should not expect service interruptions due to typical Canadian weather.

Myth 4: Xplornet just takes money and doesn’t invest and upgrade anything. Xplornet doesn’t change. The service is slow and will always be slow.

The Truth: Xplornet is constantly investing in upgrades to our network and has committed to spending 500 million to improve service for rural Canadians in the 5-year period between 2019-2024. Some of the initial investments can be seen today with our recent launch of 50Mbps service across the country and we continue to work hard to get higher speeds to more Canadians every day.

Myth 5: If you move or cancel the service, you have to get on the roof to take down the equipment yourself or pay a big bill.

The Truth: For customers that need to move or cancel their service, we’re here to help with the equipment. A postage paid box with full instructions will be mailed to your address for equipment recovery. Safety is first! Customers have the option to remove the equipment themselves or call us and a technician visit will be arranged. Should a technician be engaged, you may be subject to a $125 fee. In the case of satellite equipment, for example, only the modem and radio device need to be returned. The dish and mount assembly do not need to be moved to your new location or returned to us if you are cancelling.

Myth 6: You won’t get the speeds you pay for. Towers are oversubscribed.

The Truth: Xplornet continuously monitors all towers to ensure speeds remain fast with the goal of optimizing your online experience.

Myth 7: You'll pay more than what is advertised.

The Truth: Our customers will pay the advertised rates without additional or hidden fees. All fees are clearly highlighted in the advertised price.

Myth 8: Satellite is better than LTE.

The Truth: Internet service through satellite and LTE have different benefits. Our satellites are able to provide coverage to very large areas across Canada and are uniquely suitable to provide affordable Internet service to more remote areas. Whereas, LTE service delivers our fastest speeds and gives customers the option for unlimited data at full speed. LTE also has the benefit of very low latency so customers will not experience a noticeable delay during online activities.

Thank you for joining us for episode two of Xplornet MythBusters!

Check out the above list of the newest towers that Xplornet has lit up. All of these towers serving rural Canada are now equipped to offer Xplore 50/10 UNLIMITED with download speeds up to 50 Mbps, upload speeds up to 10, with truly unlimited data. If you see your community on this list and are looking for service call 1-866-601-0021 today. If you would like to upgrade your current Xplornet package, contact us at 1-866-841-6001.

And don’t forget to follow Xplornet on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for up to the minute new tower announcements. You can also Check Internet Packages available at your home here!

Tower’s NameProvinceDateCommunity Name
Mont GarceauQuebec21-Jan-18Matawinie
FallisAlberta21-Jan-19Division No. 11
KirkfieldOntario21-Jan-19Kawartha Lakes
Oak LakeOntario21-Jan-20Hastings
DunveganOntario21-Jan-21Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry
Metcalfe POPOntario21-Jan-22Ottawa
North Gower POPOntario21-Jan-22Ottawa
Smiths Falls South POP (new)Ontario21-Jan-22Leeds and Grenville
Edmore Beach POPOntario21-Jan-26Simcoe
Eastern Kings POPPEI21-Jan-29Kings
Vilroc POPQuebec21-Jan-29Rouyn-Noranda
Browns Hill POPQuebec21-Jan-31Memphremagog
Clearview EastOntario21-Jan-31Simcoe
Crysler WT POPOntario21-Jan-31Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry
Empire CornersOntario21-Jan-31Haldimand-Norfolk
Federal White CementOntario21-Jan-31Oxford County
MoneymoreOntario21-Jan-31Hastings County
Strathgartney POPPEI21-Jan-31Queens
MarlbankOntario21-Feb-01Hastings County
Pigeon Lake Telus POPAlberta21-Feb-01Division No. 11
Spring Lake NewAlberta21-Feb-01Division No. 11
Attercliffe StationOntario21-Feb-04Haldimand-Norfolk
Smithfield XCIAlberta21-Feb-04Division No. 11
CarselandAlberta21-Feb-05Division No. 5
Coffin HillOntario21-Feb-05Grey
Kent BridgeOntario21-Feb-05Chatham-Kent
Perth EastOntario21-Feb-11Lanark
Dundonald (NS)Manitoba21-Feb-12Division No. 9
O’Leary POPPEI21-Feb-16Prince
MaxvilleOntario21-Feb-17Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry
AvonhurstSaskatchewan21-Feb-23Division No. 6
Barraute POPQuebec21-Feb-23Abitibi
Colborne EastOntario21-Feb-24Northumberland
Rockland SouthOntario21-Feb-25Prescott and Russell United Counties
AneroidSaskatchewan21-Feb-26Division No. 3
St Gilles POPQuebec21-Feb-27Abitibi-Ouest
Augusta NWOntario21-Feb-28Leeds and Grenville
Chatham POPOntario21-Feb-28Chatham-Kent
Looking Back LakeAlberta21-Feb-28Division No. 11
Ma-Me-O BeachAlberta21-Feb-28Division No. 11
Moorefield (OxComm) POPOntario21-Feb-28Wellington
Oak HeightsOntario21-Feb-28Northumberland County
Perth RoadOntario21-Feb-28Frontenac County
WaverleyOntario21-Feb-28Simcoe County
Bradford POPOntario21-Mar-01Simcoe County
L’Annonciation POPQuebec21-Mar-01Antoine-Labelle
RedwaterAlberta21-Mar-01Division No. 11
Holbein North (new)Saskatchewan21-Mar-02Division No. 16
MerrickvilleOntario21-Mar-02Leeds and Grenville
New GoulbourneOntario21-Mar-02Ottawa
Orange CornersOntario21-Mar-02Kawartha Lakes
Lundar East (NS)Manitoba21-Mar-03Division No. 18
PendletonOntario21-Mar-03Prescott and Russell United Counties
Conrich XCIAlberta21-Mar-05Division No. 6
Winchester XCI POPOntario21-Mar-05Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry
Notre PontmainQuebec21-Mar-08Antoine-Labelle
Springfield West POPPEI21-Mar-08Prince
Cainsville (SO)Ontario21-Mar-09Brant
Hodgson (NS)Manitoba21-Mar-09Division No. 18
Pincher Creek Sproule Hill POPAlberta21-Mar-10Division No. 3
Drummondville South POPQuebec21-Mar-11Drummond
HeatherdownAlberta21-Mar-11Division No. 13
Woodslee (SO)Ontario21-Mar-11Brant
SheffordQuebec21-Mar-15La Haute-Yamaska
VanscoySaskatchewan21-Mar-15Division No. 12
Beaumont CKUA TowerAlberta21-Mar-17Division No. 11
Casselman West XOntario21-Mar-17Prescott and Russell United Counties
Caverhill POPNew Brunswick21-Mar-17York County
Glenora SouthOntario21-Mar-17Prince Edward County
Benton POPNew Brunswick21-Mar-18Carleton
Cardwell POPNew Brunswick21-Mar-18Kings
Palmarolle POPQuebec21-Mar-18Abitibi-Ouest
Sabourins CrossingOntario21-Mar-18Ottawa
AnnaheimSaskatchewan21-Mar-19Division No. 15
Cherry ValleyOntario21-Mar-19Prince Edward County
Dipper POPNew Brunswick21-Mar-19Saint John
Jack Ladder POPNewfoundland21-Mar-19Division No. 5
Port ColborneOntario21-Mar-19Niagara Regional Municipality
Schisler RdOntario21-Mar-19Niagara
Profits Corner POPPEI21-Mar-20Prince
Whiskey CreekAlberta21-Mar-20Division No. 6
FrankvilleOntario21-Mar-22Leeds and Grenville
Grand Falls Harley POPNew Brunswick21-Mar-22Victoria County

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