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Xplornet | December 21, 2020

Even the most tech savvy individuals search the internet to get information about their home Internet service or what certain terminology means. This month, we have compiled some of the most commonly searched questions and their answers.

Plus, we’ve added some new towers to our network. Scroll to the bottom for our latest tower build and upgrades!

What is an Internet access point?

An access point is most easily defined as the device that broadcasts Wi-Fi signals throughout your home. For most home uses, your access point is a router which connects via ethernet cable to your modem.

What is the difference between the Internet and Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a radio signal that continually broadcasts out to your devices from your router. That radio signal will exist even if there is no Internet connection. The Internet by comparison is a connection to an outside network of computers. Internet combined with Wi-Fi allows your devices to connect to the online world.

It’s important to note that even if there’s a strong Internet connection from a nearby LTE tower to your home, your Wi-Fi could affect your Internet experience. You should always ensure your router is placed in a central room of your home so that the signal can travel to all your devices without any barriers like floors or walls. Wi-Fi can fail if there’s interference with other devices such as a microwave, cordless phone or wireless speakers. If you’re finding that you’re having to reboot your router daily, it might be time for a replacement. Xplornet’s router is built to work with Xplornet Internet and comes with free replacement, 24/7 technical support and extra security features. Click here to learn more.

What different types of Internet providers are there?

There are many types of Internet providers. The most common ones include:

  • Fixed wireless: Internet broadcasted from towers to your home
  • Satellite: Internet sent from a satellite that has been launched into outer space
  • DSL: Internet that comes through your phone line
  • Cable: Internet that comes through the same cable that would provide cable television
  • Fiber optic: Internet sent through a fibre optic line which uses cutting edge technology that sends the signal at the speed of light through flexible strands of glass

Xplornet is one of few companies that provide fixed wireless, satellite and fibre to the home Internet connections. We do this so that we can provide home Internet service to even the most remote places in rural Canada. You can check Internet options available at your home here!

What is the difference between Wi-Fi and wireless?

Wi-Fi means the coverage within your home. Wireless Internet refers to the signal that is delivered from the Internet provider to the house itself.

Can you get Wi-Fi Internet without a phone line?

Yes. Wi-Fi is available from fixed wireless Internet or satellite Internet without the need for a phone line, cable or fiber connection.

Can a Wi-Fi hotspot replace home Internet?

A Wi-Fi hotpot is created by using the data plan of a mobile phone. This means the mobile phone must always be present for household members to access the Internet. Typically, data costs are higher when using a mobile plan verses Internet plans designed for household use. Wi-Fi hotspots are best suited for short term usage or for tasks with very low data requirements. For example, a hotspot can be used for sending email, but would require an expensive amount of data if used for watching video.

How do I check my home Wi-Fi usage?

If you’re an Xplornet customer, these are the steps to check your usage:

  1. Login to MyXplore
  2. See the section called “Internet Usage and Settings”
  3. Click on ‘View my Data Usage’ to check your home Internet usage

If you’re an Xplornet customer and see your community in the list below, call 1-866-841-6001 to upgrade today! Not an Xplornet customer? Give us a call at 1-855-291-3383 for information about our home Internet service with speeds up to 50 Mbps and unlimited data.

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Hutchins CornerOntario20 novembreLeeds and Grenville
Saint-Damase POPQuébec19 novembreLes Maskoutains
Harley (New)Ontario10 novembreBrant
VolmerAlberta3 novembreDivision No. 11
Rivière Qui Barre SouthAlberta2 novembreDivision No. 11
GilfordOntario31 octobreSimcoe
Mitchells Bay EastOntario31 octobreChatham-Kent
Orillia TSOntario31 octobreSimcoe County
Arner NorthOntario30 octobreEssex
Delhi Stefek POPOntario29 octobreHaldimand-Norfolk
KintoreOntario29 octobreMiddlesex
Wentworth Valley POPNouvelle-Écosse23 octobreCumberland

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