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Here's the scoop: with Xplore, you can check "get super-speedy internet" off your list well before you've even packed your first box. And here's why you should:

Zip Through Your New Start with Ultra-Fast Internet Speeds

Imagine settling into your new place and, before you even find which box has your mugs, you're already streaming the latest season of your favourite show. That's the kind of speed we're talking about – perfect for gaming marathons, seamless work-from-home days, and having all your devices hooked up without a single stutter. 300,000 Canadians now have access to Wireless Home Internet with speeds up to 100 Mbps from Xplore!

Family Unpacking Boxes

Say Goodbye to Data Caps – Truly Unlimited is Here!

With Xplore, our focus is on exploring the Internet without limits, not keeping track of gigabytes. No more worrying about data overages or throttling. It's your digital playground – the sky's the limit!

No Fuss Wi-Fi Router – Just Plug, Play, and Enjoy!

Boxes are a pain, but our Wi-Fi router setup? As painless as putting on a pair of comfy slippers. We include the Wi-Fi router so you can get connected to the outside world without an extra trip to the store or an unexpected dip into the wallet.

Our Canadian-Based Tech Support, Here 24/7 – Rain, Shine, or Snowstorm

No matter the hour or how big the blizzard, our 100% Canadian-based tech support team is standing by. Think of us as that new neighbour who's ready to lend a tool or a hand – except its super–speed Internet help that we're lending. If you’re an existing customer you, we invite you to reach out via the chat feature on the portal or email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to make moving easy by transferring your Xplore services to the new place.

Seniors Packing Boxes

Hassle-Free, Professional Installation – Like a Welcome Wagon but for Internet

We're talking friendly local experts who show up, get you connected, and are out of your hair in no time. It's like having your new friend from down the block over, but instead of borrowing a cup of sugar, they’re boosting your Internet speeds.

Save on Moving Expenses with Xplore’s Great Internet Prices

We keep it simple and light on the wallet because we know every penny counts when you're setting up your home sweet home. Connect with Xplore and save for what really matters - like that new porch swing!

Family and Kids Moving

Flexibility with No Strings Attached – Try Xplore Risk-Free!

Not into commitments right away? We get it. Country living is all about freedom. That's why there're no contracts with us; just good, old-fashioned trust and a 30-day-money-back guarantee to boot.

So, how about we make one part of your move smoother? Join the Xplore family and kick back while we take the wheel on your Internet setup. It's one less thing between you and relaxing in your new slice of rural paradise.

Ready to roll? Book now and check Internet off your moving list. With Xplore, you're not just moving, you're moving forward.

Visit our Internet Packages page to transform your moving day from a "to-do" to a "ta-da"!

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