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Xplornet | November 5, 2020

Silly pumpkin scarecrow

Twitter user @roromibr’s “cheeky” winning pumpkin creation!

In celebration of Halloween, last week Xplornet ran a Halloween photo contest asking followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to submit photos of their costumes, decorations and jack-o’-lanterns for their chance to win a new tablet!

Here are the creative, spooky creations that our online family shared!

Spooky desk set up

This spooky Halloween décor is from @btchnkitchen on Twitter.

Carved pumpkin

This menacing pumpkin was carved by Twitter user @vanislebabe!

Dragon costume

Laurie Ceasar Davinci’s little son made a pretty ferocious dragon!

Front hall

Twitter user @GageCan’s shared her lovely seasonal home décor.

Carved pumpkin

@Christine_GARYF designed her pumpkin to match her daughter’s Blue’s Clues costume!

Child in costume

Allison Matz’s son celebrated Halloween as a young Harry Potter!

Halloween decorated house

Instagram user @lovesdogsandflowers shared this picture of her festive front door.

Carved pumpkins

Twitter user @chrischasecasey wowed us with her family’s pumpkin carving talent!

Person wearing a mask

Last but not least, Twitter user @GamingGiddy shared his costume inspired by the one and only John Cena!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Halloween photo contest. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more contests and other great content! You can also Check Internet Packages available at your home!