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Xplornet | December 11, 2020

Julie Clorey switched to Xplornet recently, with help throughout the entire process from the PEI Broadband Fund and Steven Perry of local Xplornet Authorized Dealer, Central Satellite.

“He made things very easy which was awesome,” she said.

The program helps customers pay for the extra infrastructure they need to get a strong signal to their home.

“To get fixed wireless Internet in PEI through Xplornet a lot of customers need more height. We contract local companies to put in 60-foot telephone poles to get over the trees and get good service,” Steve explained.

Steve’s team will have completed over 80 pole installations by Christmas. That means 80 residents were able to flip over to Xplornet LTE Internet in PEI with higher speed and unlimited data.

Customers like Daniel Hughes are experiencing the difference.

He attended a presentation by Central Satellite about Xplornet and found that the speeds being offered were about 10 times faster than what he was receiving, but unfortunately the technician who visited his home couldn’t get a line of sight connection to the tower.

“To my surprise in August of this year, I received an email from Mr. Perry of Central Satellite asking us if we would like to have Xplornet installed at our property. He advised me of the infrastructure funding program that was in place,” Daniel explained.

In late September Daniel’s application was approved, and Steven advised him that there would be no expense at all to him as a residential homeowner.

“The installation crew arrived with the pole. They did a bang-up job. Just a superb crew. Friday of last week the installation crew arrived and within hours we were connected to Xplornet service. Exactly as advertised, fast Internet service,” he explained.

Daniel says he’s been very satisfied with the customer service he’s received.

“I have been in contact with the call centre twice and the service representatives were highly professional and respectful. A total pleasure. It’s a very welcoming and rewarding experience, I can assure you that,” Daniel said.

Gary MacKay was impressed with the field technicians that performed his installation.

“Lucas and Tyler did a great job, clean, efficient, in and out, hardly made a mark in the grass. It was wonderful,” he said.

Daniel is grateful to the province of PEI, as his family wouldn’t have been able to install the infrastructure they needed without financial help. He’s also pleased to be saving money on his monthly bill!

“Even after the 3-month introductory price period we will be saving $40 plus per month on our Internet and telephone bill,” he said.

Daniel has been talking to his friends and neighbours about their experience switching to Xplornet Internet in PEI and he’s been happy to hear that they have had similar experiences.

“I talked to folks here in the Lakeside community and they love it! Every one of them without exception is very pleased with the infrastructure and service that’s been provided,” he said.

Until March 31, 2021 residents of PEI currently on DSL or with no access to Internet and who would be able to get an LTE signal with the help of an antenna, tripod, hydro pole or tower can apply for 100% coverage of the cost of this extra infrastructure up to $5000.

In order to receive funding, the customer must get a quote and be approved in advance for any projects over $500.

This funding will only be available for a limited time, so call 902-394-2774 to see what Steve and the team at Central Satellite can do for you!

And, for more information about the program visit You can also Check Internet Packages available at your home here!

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