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Xplore | September 3, 2020

Xplore is collaborating with Develop Nova Scotia and the municipalities of Cumberland and Colchester to bring high-speed, unlimited data Internet plans to area residents!

In response to the demand for faster, more reliable Internet, Xplore has fast-tracked the project, constructing 19 broadcast sites in a matter of months to bring members of the community better Internet services now.

The first 17 of these towers are already live and new customers have been installed! These communities will now have speeds up to 25 Mbps!

Our new towers will service the towns of Parrsboro, Nuttby, Upper North River, Central North River, Harmony, Lower Harmony, Union, Hilden, Shubenacadie, Milford Station, Elmsvale, Upper Musquadobolt, Masstown, Glenholme, West Leicester, Springhill, Rossendale, Head of Walce Bay, Pugwash Junction, Pugwash, East Wallace, Palmer Point, Wallace, Wallace Station, Lorneville, Northport, East Linden, Westchester Station, Greenville Station, Wentworth, Wentworth Valley, Sand Point, Brule Point, Earltown.

Xplore’s dedicated network teams are committed to building and maintaining our fixed wireless infrastructure in Nova Scotia, updating towers to meet our customers’ needs, as those needs grow, and expanding the network to get more rural and remote Nova Scotians connected.

The team from Westower Communications, the construction company that are assisting Xplore with the project, are still working away.

Each day teams are working like a well-oiled machine, visiting designated sites to do things like tower construction, installing equipment, doing fibre installation and even developing the infrastructure to bring power to the sites!

In these photos, you can see the team working hard at our Truro site which provides Internet to the town of Truro and surrounding rural areas.

Person working on a construction site

Here you can see one of our Field Operations Managers, Mike Lawlor assisting the on-site team with some cabinet maintenance.

Tower in the forest

In this photo you can see two of Westower Communications’s riggers (trained tower climbing and installation experts) installing antenna mounts.

Person working on construction site

Here Eileen Collins, who has assisted in many Xplore network upgrades and customer installs, is programming equipment that will connect our more remote transmission sites to our network, which will in turn help us connect the surrounding rural communities to high-speed Internet.

The Truro site now reaches an even wider area of people who were previously underserved.

This type of work has been happening at each one of the new 19 tower sites in Cumberland and Colchester.

Members of the community who are interested in these new services can subscribe now!

If you want fast, reliable high-speed Internet switch to Xplore today! Call 1-855-291-3383 to sign up or use our Check Internet Packages tool!