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March 20, 2023

This year, Xplore launched the next phase of 5G Home Internet, bringing speeds up to 100 Mbps to homes and businesses in select communities across Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

Since then, we spoke to a couple of new customers to find out what their experience has been so far.

James Todd is an Oak Bay, New Brunswick local and a computer technician who does much of his work from home. He has been with Xplore since the beginning.

“I went from satellite to fixed wireless and I’ve actually upgraded to faster speeds as each offer became available. It's turned out to be a continuous improvement in speed starting with satellite at 8-10 Mbps to 5G at 110 Mbps. My speed tests are right up over 100, 100-110 usually,” he said.

When he switched to fixed wireless, James also subscribed to Xplore’s Home Phone service which he’s been using ever since.

He’s particularly optimistic about 5G technology’s reliability even on the snowiest days.

“I was told it would be more stable even through weather events like heavy snows. The 5G signal is stronger so it will carry through that from what I’ve been told,” he said.

James relies on his Internet connection for frequent Zoom meetings so that he can provide remote technical support to his clients.

“I also do a lot of computer repair and download software updates for computers. They download much quicker and I find that now I can multitask while downloading where previously I couldn’t,” he said.

Joel Skeldon, who lives in a rural area about a half-hour outside of Saint John, New Brunswick says that 5G has made things a lot better for his family.

“For one, my wife owns her own business so she does a lot of stuff on computer. She’s a photographer so she’s posting stuff online all the time. We don’t subscribe to any cable or sat anymore so we rely a lot on the Internet for streaming services,” he said.

Joel also enjoys gaming from time to time.

“Before, if all three of us were on at the same time I would feel it on my PlayStation. I would get lots of lag. Now, it’s no issue to have 2 Netflix accounts and a PlayStation going at the same time,” he said.

Before 5G became available, Joel was considering Starlink.

“The initial upfront cost of paying for the Starlink equipment held us back and Starlink doesn’t offer any technicians or anything either if you have issues,” he said.

With Xplore, he knows that technical support is available 24/7 in case he needs it and that he will be speaking to someone right in New Brunswick.

Joel has been spreading the word about 5G Home Internet.

“I’m in a group on Facebook and it’s basically everybody that lives in the community. We’re one of the first few to get 5G so I took screenshots of the download and upload speed and a lot of people seem to be very impressed by it. You’ve made a huge improvement in the download speeds over the last couple of years,” he said.

Below you’ll find a list of all the towers that are currently 5G enabled, and more are being added every day! Call 1-866-601-0021 or Check Internet Packages and subscribe today!

Site Name
Adamsville Lake POP
Albion Cross POP
Alexander (NS)
Alexander Bay POP
Allardville POP
Angusville South
Argentia POP
Arrowwood POP
Bass River
Bear River North POP
Beaver Harbor POP
Benton POP
Birch River (NS)
Birchy Bay POP
Birtle (NS)
Black Head POP
Black Point POP
Blue Hill
Boggy Creek (NS)
Boissevain (NS) POP
Bonaccord POP
Borden Carleton POP
Botsford Portage POP
Bouctouche WT POP
Brakes Cove
Bruxelles (NS)
Caledonia POP
Cambridge POP
Cameron (NS)
Cameron Mountain
Carrs Mountain POP
Cartwright (NS)
Caverhill POP
Central Hainesville
Charlo WT
Chute-a-Blondeau XCI
Clam Bank Cove POP
Coal Brook POP
Cornwall POP
Crane River Replacement
Crapaud POP
Curling POP
Davis Point
Dawson Settlement
Deloraine (NS)
Dipper POP
Douglas Harbour POP
Dundonald (NS)
Eastern Kings POP
Eden (NS)
Elgin (NS)
Elie (NS) POP
Fairfield POP
Fairview (NS)
Falcon Lake Ski Hill (NS)
Firewood POP
Forrest (NS)
George St POP
Glen Oak
Glenboro Fibre (NS) POP
Glenora (NS)
Gowland DTI
Grand Falls DTI POP
Grandview (NS) POP
Granite (NS) POP
Greenridge (NS) POP
Greenwood POP
Halls Hills
Hamiota (NS)
Hampton CBC POP
Hamtown Corner
Harold Lake
Havelock POP
Haywood (NS)
High Bluff (NS)
Hilltop (NS)
Hopewell POP
Horsestinger Point
Indian Arm POP
Jack Ladder POP
Jacksontown XCI
Jordan Mountain
Juniper Ponds
Kane (NS)
Keswick Ridge POP
La Riviere (NS) Rebuild
Lake George POP
Langruth (NS)
Lewis Mtn
Lockston POP
Long Point
Lower Newcastle
Mallard (NS)
Manitou (NS)
Marie POP
Meadows (NS)
Melita (NS) POP
Millview POP
Minnedosa North (NS)
Miscou Center
Mobile Pond
Morris (NS)
Mount Champlain NW
Mt. Middleton POP
Musgrave Harbor
Musquash POP
New Denmark
New Fraserwood (NS)
Newdale South (NS)
Noggin Hill POP
Norris Arm
North Lake
Oak Bay
Oak Lake (NS)
Onanole (NS) POP
Otter Lake
Parker Ridge DTI
Port Elgin POP
Portage Vale
Profits Corner POP
Purgatory Beach POP
Rathwell South (NS)
Red Cliff POP
Richibucto WT POP
Rockcut POP
Rocky Corner
Rocky Ponds
Saint Andrews POP
Saint David POP
Salt Springs
Scotch Mtn DTI
Shady Oaks Replacement
Shampers POP
Sharpes Mountain POP
Shoal Lake (NS) POP
Shortdale (NS)
Silver Beach (NS)
Souris (NS) POP
Spence Lake (NS)
Sprague (NS)
Springfield West POP
St. Damien
St. Eustache (NS)
St. Leon (NS) POP
St. Malo (NS)
St. Martins
St. Norbert
St. Paul
St. Quentin POP
Stanley POP
Ste. Genevieve Rebuild
Steeves Mountain POP
Stephenville POP
Summerside POP
Sutton POP
Swan River (NS) POP
Tracy POP
Urbainville POP
Vita (NS)
Warwick POP
Waskada (NS)
Waterhen Replacement
Waywayseecappo (NS) POP
Whites Settlement
Whittier Ridge
Wilmot POP
Winsloe South POP
Wolfdale (NS)
Woodlands (NS)
Woodside Replacement
York Harbour POP
Zelena (NS)

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