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In the quiet corners of rural Canada, where the bustle of city Pride parades doesn’t reach, the Internet becomes a lifeline—a connection to a global community that celebrates diversity every day. For members of the LGBTQ2S+ community like Andy Froneman, from Kelvington, Saskatchewan reliable Internet from Xplore isn’t just about staying online; it’s about staying connected to who they are, and to a world that understands them.

Andy’s Experience: Finding Pride in Connectivity

Andy shares, “I’ve never been to a Pride festival… I’m me and this is me and I just happen to be gay! The closest I get to Pride is live streaming—there’s the Internet helping again.” For Andy, and many like him, Xplore’s steadfast service means more than just connectivity; it’s a gateway to inclusion and understanding.

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Smart Living: A Testimony to Reliable Service

With Xplore’s high-speed Internet, Andy has transformed his home into a smart haven, where routines are set, and life is simpler. “By the time I get home, the porch lights are on and my favorite TV show is already running… I press the button, say ‘Alexa, turn all lights off,’ and I go to sleep. It’s so fancy. I love it,” he says, illustrating how Xplore’s consistent, fast speeds impact his quality of life. Read more about how Xplore Internet has improved Andy’s day-to-day.

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The Impact of Internet on LGBTQ2S+ Identity

The Internet has significantly impacted Andy’s journey as an LGBTQ2S+ individual. “We have access to groups, social networking, legal information, mental health assistance… Whatever you need information on is at your fingertips.”

This access is crucial for fostering a sense of belonging and community, especially in rural areas where there can be stigma and where resources can be scarce. “You might not go into town and ask because you don’t know what reaction you’re going to get but in an LGBTQ2S+ group online you’re safe to get the answers you need.”

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Supporting Rural LGBTQ2S+ Youth: The Role of the Internet

For rural LGBTQ2S+ youth, the Internet is a vital tool for finding support and acceptance. Andy reflects on his own experience coming out 30 years ago, contrasting it with the resources available today. “It’s a lot easier to come out and get the support that you need because of the Internet.” If you’re looking for resources, here are a few places to start:

  • An online chat and text service providing emotional and crisis support to youth under 30 across Canada, available from 6pm to midnight PST every night.
  • The Trevor Project: Offers 24/7 crisis services and a platform called TrevorSpace for LGBTQ2S+ youth in small towns and rural areas to connect with supportive peers.
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Bridging Distances: The Power of Reliable Internet

Andy’s story is a testament to the power of reliable Internet in bridging distances and breaking down barriers. As he puts it, “Out in rural areas, there are still a lot of stigmas around LGBTQ2S+, but with more people having access to reliable Internet, it’s easier for them to do research and more often understand.” As an immigrant, Andy’s Internet connection also helps him stay connected to his family oversees. “Video chat, messages, emails, and phone calls through the Internet are cheaper than phoning abroad from a land line. Now that I’ve got Xplore I’m in constant communication with my family, regardless of where they are.”

A Vision for Equality and Acceptance

Looking forward, Andy’s hope for the LGBTQ community in rural Canada is simple yet profound: acceptance and equality. “I would like everyone to be accepted, everyone to live as equals,” he says. And with Xplore’s commitment to providing reliable, high-speed Internet to rural communities, we’re one step closer to making that dream a reality. Because at Xplore, we believe that every connection counts, and every story matters. 🌈

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