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You may have just moved into a new home that isn’t hooked up to an Internet connection yet, maybe you’re changing offices, or you are simply unhappy with the service your current Internet provider offers. No matter the reason, there are a few things to consider before you choose your new Internet plan:

1) Streaming Speeds and Data

Are you a big movie streaming fan or just occasionally video call your family overseas? Notice your streaming habits and those of the people you will be sharing your data with to get a clear sense of your needs before opting for a plan that might seem attractive in price, yet won’t be able to sustain your browsing habits.

2) Connected Devices

The more people you will be sharing your Internet plan with, the more devices are likely to be using it. A small business of five employees or a family of four will require faster streaming speeds that a single person household to ensure a reliable, smooth connection across all laptops, phones, video game consoles, or tablets.

3) Professional Installation and Ongoing Support

While this aspect tends to be an after-thought during the purchasing phase of your new plan, it’s an important factor that can make or break your experience in the long run. Make sure that whichever provider and/or plan you choose comes with installation and ongoing support.

At Xplore, we believe that amazing high-speed Internet and service should be available to everyone in Canada. We offer services backed by world-class fibre and 5G technology that allow our customers to choose rural living without compromise. To get a customized service recommendation based on your needs and the area you live in, get in touch with our team or use our Check Internet Packages Availability Tool!