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In September 2022 Xplornet became Xplore. Read more here.

This October, Xplornet’s fixed wireless LTE network in Alberta has been upgraded to allow residents to connect to Internet with speeds up to 50 Mbps and unlimited data! This is double the speed of the fastest package that Xplornet has ever offered!

“What we’re trying to accomplish is ensuring customers have access to high-speed internet. During COVID it’s important, not just for personal, but for business and schooling. We’re utilizing Internet now more than ever so higher speeds are critical,” explained Dean Cummer, Xplornet’s District Sales Manager in Alberta North.

The average Canadian household has at least 5 devices connected to the Internet at any given time. “If that’s the pie we’re looking at, it will require more bandwidth for the family to eat that pie,” said Dean, one of our district managers in Alberta. “But to help support that we’re twice as fast as many of our competitors in the region. The demand for faster speeds and unlimited data continues to grow, making Xplornet a great solution for many Albertans.”

Local Xplornet Authorized dealer Jesse Wilson, Manager of Western Operations at Integrated Solutions couldn’t agree more.

“The biggest thing is making sure that kids can do their online schooling, adults can do their work from home and by offering unlimited data, it makes sure they’re not going to have to deal with any overages,” he said.

We’re happy to report that customers like Ryan Pilsner in Alberta have been satisfied with their service.

“We have tried many Internet providers and are limited being on an acreage. Xplornet has provided the fastest and most reliable service,” he said.

Jesse and the Integrated Solutions team have local technicians and pride themselves in offering next day appointments. “A lot of our technicians are Xplornet customers themselves because they are local, and they might even be on the same tower as the customer they are installing and can speak to the experience,” he said.

For a limited time, Xplornet is offering free Installation and no extra fees for mileage or site surveys. “I’m calling it an early Christmas gift from Xplornet. If you sign up from now until the end of the year you get a free professional installation and a big smile under our required masks,” said Dean.

To take advantage of Xplornet’s new, faster Wireless Home Internet service call Xplornet at 1-855-291-3383. You can also Check Internet Packages available at your home!

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