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As the trees bud and the days stretch longer, the siren call of the cottage season beckons us all. Imagine the tranquility of a lakeside view, the serenity of a sunset shared with loved ones, and the laughter that fills the cool evening air. Perfection, right? But wait—there’s a snag in your idyllic vision: the agonizingly slow internet stopping your family from streaming that movie you watch every summer at the cottage. Fear not, for Xplore has waved its magic wand over cottage country, transforming it into a haven of ultra-fast internet!

Bid Farewell to Buffering!

Gone are the days of watching the loading circle spin ad nauseam. With Xplore’s upgraded networks, you now have the power to stream your favorite shows without a hiccup, dropping the drama of buffering for the drama on your screen.

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Work Like You Never Left the City (But Way, Way Happier)

Monday meetings don’t stand a chance at ruining your vibe. Xplore is now bringing up to 100 Mbps of internet speed to 300,000 homes across the country, and in select areas, up to 1 Gbps pure fibre Internet. What does this mean? Video conferences so crisp you'll feel like you're in the room, and upload speeds so fast, your 'send' button can barely keep up. All from the comfort of your deck chair overlooking the lake.

Readers of the Xplorer blog might remember Xplore Fibre customer, Warren who said his experience working from his dock on Otter Lake in Quebec is just like being at his desk in Silicon Valley These were his exact words: “I’ve got Wi-Fi from here all the way down to my dock. 110 Mbps up and down. It’s working like a charm... My service is so good here, I haven’t changed the way I work one little bit.”

Option to Pause During Off-Season

Only at the cottage for the summer? Xplore’s seasonal service pause has you covered, allowing you to put your internet on hold for up to 6 months. This is not a drill. You can actually pause your Internet service. It’s like your provider knows you value flexibility and freedom. Revolutionary! ;)

Unlimited Fun, Unlimited Usage

With truly unlimited usage on Wireless Home Internet and 100% Pure Fibre plans, say adios to data caps that slow you down. That means endless online gaming, streaming, and internet surfing without the fear of exceeding your data limit. The world (wide web) is your oyster.

Every Corner Covered

Worried about Wi-Fi in the guesthouse? Xplore’s got you with Whole Home Wi-Fi, ensuring a strong, secure connection across your property. Yes, even to that one chair by the pond.

Guests of The Chalets on Lake Muskoka are now experiencing this firsthand. Here’s what one of the owners Natasha O'Farrell said: “Since we got Xplore, I can be in video meetings, I can share big files and I can download while all our guests are also online... we can say we have Wi-Fi and come work from the dock, deck, and beach and we know with confidence that it’s something we can stand by now.”

Local Heroes: Ready to Help

Xplore's network of dealers are more than service providers—they're your friends and neighbors, deeply embedded in your community. They are committed to ensuring that your cottage is connected, supporting your local economy, and delivering trusty and speedy assistance whenever you need it.

Sky's the Limit with High-Speed Internet at Your Cottage

Picture this: you’re nestled in your cozy cottage chair, the smell of pines mixing with the fresh aroma of your morning brew. With Xplore's high-speed internet, you’re not just sipping coffee; you’re conquering the world—one click at a time.

  • Binge Your Favourite Series without the spin of the buffering wheel.
  • Close Deals from Your Dock with video calls so clear, you can see the approval in your client's eyes.
  • Learn Something New, from strumming a guitar to perfecting your rustic sourdough—all with the help of online tutorials.
  • Win at Online Gaming, where lag is now just a myth from the dark ages of the internet.
  • Bank in Your PJs while the loons call across the lake, secure in the knowledge that your connection is as solid as your investments.
  • Become the Heart of Your Home as you video chat with the family and share the sunset, no matter how far away they are.

With Xplore, you’re not just staying connected; you’re expanding your horizons right from your slice of paradise!

Connect with Xplore today and make every moment count.

Ready to elevate your cottage life?

Find out what service is available at your cottage