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In September 2022 Xplornet became Xplore. Read more here.

Today, we sat down with Charles Beaudet, Vice President, Quebec & Eastern Canada, to get an update on our fibre network builds in rural communities across Quebec.

Xplornet is working hard to connect over 20,000 homes and businesses to a next-generation fibre network offering gigabit speeds thanks to the funds received through the Government of Quebec’s Opération Haute Vitesse. In addition, Xplornet is investing to provide fibre Internet to even more homes and businesses for a total of nearly 30,000 fibre connections in the province of Quebec!

Fibre Internet will be available to people living and working in communities around Val-des-Sources, La Tuque, the MRC Papineau, the MRC de Pontiac and the MRC Vallée de la Gatineau.

Thanks for chatting with us, Charles! Can you give us an update on how things are going with our fibre network builds in Quebec?

Happy to be here! Our crews are working hard to connect rural communities to fibre Internet. We’ve already rolled out over 600 kilometres of fibre so far, with more being deployed all the time. We are making good progress and expect to light up our fibre network in Pontiac later this summer.

What can local residents and businesses expect once the Fibre Internet network is ready?

Being able to connect to a next-generation fibre network with gigabit download and upload speeds will be a game changer. Working or schooling from home, expanding their business, connecting to online healthcare or staying in touch with family and friends – all of these online experiences will be blazing fast on Xplornet’s fibre network. Service plans will also include unlimited data so customers will be able to take full advantage of the Fibre Internet network.

What kind of challenges have you run into on these projects?

Mother Nature can sometimes throw a wrench into our project plans – but it’s not anything we’re not already accustomed to. Most recently, powerful storms in the region knocked down trees and power lines so the crews stepped in to help with clean up and restoring power. We were happy to help the local community.

COVID-related work shortages and supply chain delays meant we had to get creative and plan ahead as much as possible. This meant starting to order supplies a year in advance and working with multiple construction partners to staff the projects with a local workforce.

Where can residents of Quebec go for more information on Xplornet’s projects in their area?

Local residents can Check Fibre Internet Availability to see if Fibre Internet will be available in their area.

Thanks for your time, Charles! Check back to our blog and follow us on social media for more updates on our fibre expansions projects in Quebec, and across the country.