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Recently, Mitchell and Madeline from Our Little Outpost were having some trouble with their router.

The young couple who moved from apartment life in Toronto to their new cabin in beautiful rural New Brunswick had been relying on Xplornet to work from home.

They were happy with their service until recently.

“Periodically our upload speeds were low or there was a latency before any uploads could go through and the request could be responded to,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell works in IT and has a good understanding of how Internet connections work.

Basically, he and Madeline would try to load a webpage, and it would take a long time to start but when it was ok. There was a problem with the initial upload.

As you can imagine, this issue with their Internet service was very frustrating for the couple.

Madeline was particularly annoyed when she tried to upload her online webinars so that her fans could watch on their own time.

Aerial shot of home

“My webinar was 2.5 hrs long and it took 3 days to upload it,” she said.

With Madeline producing a lot of digital content to be shared online, upload is really important for that sharing.

When Mitchell spoke with tech support, and they suggested the issue could be his router he was skeptical.

“I thought it was unlikely because I had done a bunch of diagnostics. I was reluctant because of the money I spent on the router and the tests that I ran showed it was working,” he said.

Mitchell decided that it wouldn’t hurt to give our router a try and we mailed one to the cabin.

Photo of cottage

When it arrived, Mitchell found the set-up user friendly.

“Really basic set-up. You just plug in a couple of wires that are colour coded. I set up the Wi-Fi to have the same ID and password as our old Wi-Fi, so we didn’t have to reconfigure all our devices. In terms of getting the network up and running it was effectively plug and play. Pretty easy. And as for the more advanced networking stuff, it has those features as well,” he said.

Once the new router was operational the couple’s upload speeds went back up to what was advertised and consistently stayed at that speed after a period of testing.

“The Xplornet router ran exactly as expected, which is the highest praise you can give a device like that. You just want it to be reliable,” he said.

Mitchell said he would recommend the router, especially since Xplornet can manage and troubleshoot any issues from the back end.

“If a person has an option to try out the router, especially if you’re not particularly technically savvy, it’s easy. It allows Xplornet the insight they need to figure out what in the chain is broken and better diagnose what’s going wrong for you,” he explained.

Mitchell and Madeline are very pleased that their service is back to normal.

“It’s been nice having the speeds that we anticipated and being able to upload and download at the speeds that we’re paying for. It’s the best service available to us.”

Red and white lighthouse

The couple were also impressed with their experience with Xplornet’s Technical Support Agent, Alex.

“Alex was really good at asking the right questions. He got to the route of the problem quickly,” he said.

Mitchell also said the experience was very “human.”

“I didn’t have to deal with any robocall. When I actually started talking to someone, he was very friendly and helpful. I didn’t feel like a number. I felt like a person talking to a guy who actually wanted to solve my problem.”

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