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Xplornet | December 3, 2012

Today, we received The Learning Partnership’s Canada’s 2012 Outstanding Employer Award in recognition of our achievements in educational and community programs! We’re very thankful, and we’re humbled to be in the company of the nine other prestigious winners from across the country.

At Xplornet, we encourage our employees to further their education and work with their local communities. Some programs that we organize and participate in:

  • Xplornet has partnered with SkillSoft, one of the World’s leading e-learning organizations, to provide employees with Xplornet University. Xplornet University allows all employees to access approximately 350 online training courses at work, home or on the road. Courses range from MS Office, networking and routers to leadership and development and accounting. There are courses that everyone in can benefit from and fresh content is added each year.
  • We’re involved in the PALS (Partners Assisting Local Schools) with two elementary schools in New Brunswick. The program fosters the growth of students and helps them become self-sufficient and successful youths. PALS offers these students opportunities they may not have otherwise had.
  • Xplornet also partners with community colleges through work or co-op placements.

In the past, we’ve also participated in theTurnaround Awards with local high schools, recognizing students who have made significant improvements in their overall attitude and educational achievements.

Most recently, our employees from Fredericton, NB and our head office in Woodstock, NB brought their grade 9 son or daughter to see what a day in their work-life looks like. The program, Take Our Kids to Work by The Learning Partnership, began in 1994 in Ontario and has since spread nationwide.

“The Take Our Kids to Work program is viewed highly by the company” says Vicki, the Human Resource lead responsible for the program. “It’s a way to further our involvement with the students in our communities and assist them in their future career planning and success.” A variety of departments showed off how the company works with a tour of our offices and operations.

The Learning Partnership outlines the program on their site, explaining that it’s meant to be “more than a fun day”. It’s an opportunity to:

  • Understand the importance of staying in school by learning first-hand what skills are required in today’s workplace.
  • Develop an appreciation for their parents’ careers and roles in supporting their families.
  • Start exploring career options in a practical way and gain a better understanding of just how many career choices are open to them.

Vicky from Customer Care really enjoyed her time with her daughter. “The day was great!” she said, “I enjoyed being able to share with my daughter what I do here. She thought it was fun for the most part, and thought the staff here was great. We talked after we got home and now she knows why sometimes, when I get home, I just want to take a few moments to clear my head. I think it brought us together a little more because she got to see what a day in my shoes is like, so to speak.”

We’re looking forward to continuing our work in this and other educational and community programs, including participating in the Take Our Kids to Work program again next year!

We’d love to hear from you! What kind of educational and community programs are important to you?