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Whether you’re binge-streaming shows on Netflix or video-chatting with family, speed helps make your experience better. Here are some of the reasons why!

Faster Internet means better high-definition streaming.

Did you know that Netflix suggests a minimum of 5 Mbps speeds at all times to stream HD? Some Internet providers only offer up to 5 Mbps, which means you may not be able to stream HD while the rest of the family is online, or at all. To save data we always suggest people stream video in SD.

However, whether you chose HD or SD, Xplornet offers high-speed packages with speeds of up to 50 Mbps, allowing you and your family to stream your favourite shows or movies smoothly either way!

Faster Internet means better video-chatting.

Sometimes the only way to see loved ones far away is through video chatting. And the last thing anyone wants during a conversation that you’ve been looking forward to is a frozen screen. No matter if you’re using Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp, or any other video-chat service with speeds up to 50 Mbps, your conversations can be crisp and clear. A fast Internet connection reliably connects you to loved ones, regardless of where they live.

Faster Internet lets you enjoy your favourite online activities.

Connecting you matters to us, at Xplornet. We believe everyone should have access to the online world, so we make our service available nearly everywhere in Canada. To overcome the challenges of Canada’s vast geography we continue to improve our network of fixed-wireless towers on the ground and next-generation satellites in space to connect all Canadians to what matters.

With our next-generation satellite dishes transmitting signals from above earth to almost all areas of Canada, our Internet plans ensure high-quality for any of your favourite online activity, from endless online shopping to uninterrupted home theatre fun.

Combined with our ever-growing network of fixed LTE wireless towers—which send signals between your receiver at home and the nearest tower on the ground—our advanced Internet packages can satisfy any online gaming craving or endless video call overseas.

Want to speed things up?

Choose the plan that’s right for you or get in touch with an Xplornet Customer Service agent who will assist in finding the best plan for your household needs at 866-316-6089. We’ll help you choose based on your needs and location, then connect you to a local dealer who will professionally install your Internet, and provide you with ongoing service and support. It’s that easy!

Pro tip: One of the first things to consider to get a sense for how much data your perfect Internet package should offer—aside from your household’s overall data usage—is how many devices you’re looking to connect to the Internet. Image your household data needs are a pie. If each device takes a slice of the pie, your pie needs to be big enough to give the number of slices you need to connect your entire household. That can include anything from your smart TV to printers, tablets and multiple laptops, phones, or computers.