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Xplornet | November 27, 2014

Are you planning or attending an upcoming Grey Cup party for the big game on November 30th?

Whether you’re planning for a Canadian football game, that big hockey game or even an Oscar party, or you’re on the guest list for a friend’s bash, your Xplornet Internet Service can help you make the most of the gathering!

Looking up the Game’s Rules

If you’re headed to a friend’s Grey Cup party more for the party than the cup, then it’s probably a good idea to use your Xplornet web connection to research the Grey Cup, along with the Canadian Football League (CFL) rules, which are significantly different from the rules used in American football games. Knowing the rules of the game, along with some background on the teams that are playing in the championship game will make for a much more enjoyable event!

Similarly, if you’re hosting a Grey Cup party at your home, take the time to print out a couple fact sheets on the game to help educate your friends’ significant others who’ve come along for the party. That enables your not-so-savvy guests to read up on the game and its rules so they can follow the action rather than peppering your guests with questions!

The Perfect Party Food

A Grey Cup party isn’t complete without lots of great food! So use your Xplornet connection to log on to the Food Network or another foodie site where you can scoop up some great recipes for appetizers and other party fare that your guests are certain to love!

Don’t forget to include a few healthy recipes in there too. Your more diet-conscious guests will definitely appreciate it!

Invite Your Guests

Of course, there’s no party without the guests! So log on to eVite to send some e-invitations to everyone on your guest list. Alternatively, log onto Facebook or Twitter and post about it.

And while you’re on Facebook and Twitter, don’t forget to connect with Xplornet for lots of other great tips for making this fall a memorable one! Just stop by our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!