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Xplornet | September 13, 2018

Summer is coming to an end and back-to-school season is in full swing across the country. While backpacks, pens, and lunchboxes are the usual staples we all know from our own days at elementary school, for our kids and grandkids these days there’s another must-have to add to the growing shopping list: high-tech learning gadgets.

Tablets, laptops, and mobile phones are not just the latest for fun anymore, they’ve made it into the classroom as well! Using technology to make learning more engaging and fun through interactive games is slowly replacing worksheets and traditional exercises. To support your little one’s first days of homework and studying, take a look at these great apps that make first grade learning a breeze:

1) Flocabulary: Educational Hip-Hop

A great learning starter for any subject! Sing, dance, and learn while playing. This app is suitable for ages five to twelve and encourages memorizing basic general education concepts, facts, including math or geography through catchy ear-worms. If your child has trouble remembering something specific, you can create your own song about it and help out.

2) Vocabulary Spelling City

This app is designed to help first-grade students to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary through gamification. A great alternative to having your child write out new words and test them the “old-fashioned” way, this tool offers creative ways for children to interact with new words and play with them, recognize patterns, learn phonics, and improve spelling.

3) Todo Math

Helping young students grasp first mathematical concepts like subtraction and recognizing patterns with endless fun mini-games. A built-in reward system encourages kids to keep going and creates more significant challenges and learning opportunities as you move along. Great detail for parents: a progress tracker lets you see how your kid is doing and create math sessions accordingly!

4) Stop, Breathe & Think

With the first days of school come a lot of big changes and new pressure for the little ones. While this app might need to be used with a parent or adult, it’s not any less helpful during these exciting times. “Stop, breathe & think” help your child track their emotions and become aware of their emotional state. At the end of each day, it encourages them to record and rate their feelings, measuring how they feel and provide a helpful meditation exercise. This helps them to share their feelings and thoughts that may have accumulated throughout the day, provides supportive, mindful practices and allows them and their parents to identify trends through charts and graphs that grow over time.

5) Code Adventures: Programming Game For Kids

Code Adventure is a game designed to help kids take their first steps in professional coding. It’s a fun and engaging puzzle game that sends your child on a mission to help little Aurora find their way home utilizing programming concepts.

With these creative ways of practicing their new knowledge, learning won’t get boring any time soon. Happy elementary days from us at Xplornet!