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Unless you have been living alone in an off-grid cabin in the Arctic for the past two decades, chances are Social Media is a part of your life in some form or another. Whether you’re looking to chat with friends, create content, curate photos or watch videos online, there is a massive media platform dedicated to it. While most are familiar with the main media giants like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, those are just a few drops in the ocean to the plethora of platforms available today. To help you navigate through all the options available, we’ll explain some of the most popular media platforms and what each network does in 280 characters or less!

Twitter: It’s what’s happening

For messaging-in-the-moment and great for short discussions. Messages are limited to 280 characters or less. It can be used to keep up to date with celebrities, politics, and business promotions.

Facebook: The social network

To connect to friends, family, and brands. It remains the most widely used social media network. They offer instant messaging, marketplaces to shop locally, and community spaces for group interaction.

Foursquare Swarm: Understand how people move in the real world

Location-based social media network to learn more about the business and attractions around you. Check-in to locations, compete with friends for points and get deals from businesses.

YouTube: Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

The undisputed leader in online video viewing and sharing. The number 2 search engine behind only their owner, Google. Great for tutorials, news updates, and creative shows.

Instagram: But first, let’s take a selfie

Take photos using your iOS or Android device, and then apply a creative filter. Browse millions of other photos. It can be used to not only share moments with friends but to follow celebrities and businesses.

Pinterest: You’ll never be bored creating your board

Create and curate themed collections of images. Use it to help plan a wedding, build a wardrobe, get decor ideas for your home and everything in between.

Imgur: Because a picture is worth 1000 words

Pronounced image-er, this network makes image sharing easy. Place uploaded images on other networks in just a few clicks.

LinkedIn: Manage your professional identity

Sometimes referred to as “Facebook for professionals”. Meant for business connections and networking.

Spotify: Music for everyone

A music streaming service that analyzes your music preferences and builds your unique playlist. Can create your own playlists and download music for offline listening.

WhatsApp: Reliable messaging

One of the world’s most widely used text and voice messaging platforms. As long as you have an internet connection, you can message or talk for free to most computers and smartphones.

Tumblr: Get ready, it’s time

Considered a micro-blog where you can essentially share and view anything but it is mainly used for snippets of written content like blogs and images.

Reddit: The Front Page of the Internet

A discussion-based platform where users share and view news events, photos and videos to discuss.

TikTok: Make your day

Used mostly by kids and young adolescents, the app is mainly for posting and sharing lip-syncing pop music and music-oriented videos.

Snapchat: The fastest way to share a moment!

Pictures or videos, known as “Snaps” are taken with filters and effects. They are shared with friends to view and the post will disappear after viewing.

Twitch: Play, stream, chat

A live streaming service for people who play video games to create and watch content like gameplay and walkthroughs.

What’s your favourite social media network? If it’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn, be sure to connect with us!