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Metro Loop is a Haldimand County homegrown company which was founded in 2012. Their firsthand knowledge of the area and local residents’ needs, coupled with outstanding customer service, technical support and engineering teams led them to win Diamond in their local newspaper’s Reader’s Choice Awards five years in a row!

Metro Loop provides lightning-fast pure fibre directly to the homes of their customers throughout Haldimand County.

Their network was born in Caledonia and was inspired by the owner’s own need for reliable Internet. Needing to work from home with a VPN connection wasn’t an option on a congested network, so he thought “what better place to start than right here in Caledonia?” Metro Loop’s main goal has always been to provide excellent customer service and products that consistently perform.

In 2020, Metro Loop was acquired by Xplornet. Together, Metro Loop and Xplornet are expanding their fibre network throughout Haldimand County. When completed, they will have deployed over 600 kilometers of fibre optic cable, bringing pure fibre to over 19,000 homes and businesses.

“We planned to roll this out in 5-7 years. With Xplornet’s operational expertise and funding, we’re going to be able to roll it out in a matter of 20 months,” said an executive member of the Metro Loop team.

The network is designed to keep up with the growing demand for faster speeds and more data for years to come. Metro Loop, powered by Xplornet, is continuously upgrading the network to stay ahead of their customers’ needs.

Right now, Metro Loop’s pure fibre is available in Selkirk, Cayuga, Caledonia and Dunnville and construction is underway in Fisherville, Cheapside, Nanticoke, Jarvis, Hagersville, Byng, Lowbanks, Canfield, Conborough, Kohler, Decewsville, Featherstone Point and Peacock Point.

If you’re ready to make the switch to lightning-fast Internet, or would like to sign up to be one of the first to be connected once construction is complete, give Metro Loop a call today at 1-877-741-5806.