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In September 2022 Xplornet became Xplore. Read more here.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Xplore’s 2022 Fall Photo Contest! We really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful fall photos taken in rural communities across Canada.

Congratulations to our randomly selected winner, Sarah, who submitted the first photo in the list below. Scroll through to enjoy all the photo entries that we received this year.

Beautiful orange and red tree in the fall

Sarah @xo_sarah24

Person smiling by Fall leaves

Shimaraj001: Xplore the beautiful colors of fall and it's Magic she said 😊🍂🍁

Wildflowers by sunset

Meeps @courtesyofu: Small town country fall sunset.

Nature view of a lake in the Fall

Susan Nutbrown @sjnutbrown: @xplore_ca #xplore Early morning mist on the Ottawa River, creating a ribbon of fall colours. Treadwell, Ontario.

Fall scenery

Steve Roberts @slberty: @xplore_ca Northumberland county colours.

Sunset by fall scenery

Stockyrds @stockyrds: @xplore_ca a morning fall sunrise. Wheatland county, Alberta.

Fall scenery by a lake

Lisa Olie @lisaolie: @xplore_ca At Niagara Falls.

Fall scenery over a forest

Souhaib Benkerri @souhaib.benk: 🇨🇦🍁#xplore xplore__ca

Fall scenery by the water

Shauna Rae @shaunamrae: Fall 🍁and Mother Nature in all her splendor ✨#geese #geeseofinstagram #mothernature #mothernaturerocks #fall #fallcolourscanada @xplore__ca

Fall scenery

Joey @JoeyPal92: @xplore_ca [Xplore Fall Photo Contest] Carleton County Court House, Upper Woodstock, New Brunswick

Person wearing a clown mask

Tammy Quigley tammy_quigley

Dianne Craswell holding leaves

Dianne Craswell @artisttobe1: Fun with fall foliage 🍁 Even though things are losing their colour for a little while, doesn’t mean it isn’t pretty 🍁 #fallphoto #prettypicture

A single leaf on a country road

Susan MacGregor @ladymac62: Earlier this week I was trying for an “artsy “ type fall photo. Do you know how hard it is to gat said photo when the wind is gusting 😎 💨 #fall #windy #fallcolours #fallcolourphotography #rural #rurallife #ruralphotography #countrylife #countryliving #xplore

Fall scenery by a lake

Scott Kane @kanebackroads_photography: Slow rollers of orange 🍊 #nikonphotography #kanebackroads_photography #alberta @xplore__ca

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